Admitted Student Research

Goodbye Assumptions. Hello Informed Decision Making.

One of the best sources of information about your institution’s communication and unique value propositions is the admitted student. Our Admitted Student Research (ASR) is built into your institution’s Slate instance, managed by our Slate experts, and advised by our researchers.

Your ASR survey gathers survey feedback from each individual student shortly after they deposit or decline. Results can be compared across variables in a school’s existing Slate instance for actionable insights at both the individual student level and the trend level. We train users on how to monitor responses and strategically use data to take immediate action to reduce melt. Additionally, our team will provide trend analysis to set you up for future enrollment success.

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Admitted Student Research, Powered by Slate

Our Admitted Student Research product is built completely within your institution’s Slate instance, managed by our Slate experts, and advised by our core researchers. Work with our team to select from dozens of question options to craft a survey focused on topics that mean the most to your institution and its goals. Our team will then handle survey dissemination and train key stakeholders on how to read and strategically use outcome data.

Categories of questions available include:

  • Competitive positioning
  • Reactions to marketing
  • Campus visit experiences
  • Evaluations of unique value propositions
  • Student and institutional personality
  • Financial aid
  • And many more

Carnegie experts have crafted a standardized question offering that can then be customized with other module questions that can then be swapped or adjusted year-over-year for important decisions and change over time.

Key Advantages of Admitted Student Research

  • Timing is everything—With built-in Slate communication triggers, admitted students will receive their survey just a few days after submitting a decision. Data will collect over time, and you can compare results on your real time dashboard.
  • Cross compare data—Any question in the survey can be compared across many variables easily highlighting trends for better decision making.
  • Real Time, actionable data, to decrease Melt—With Carnegie’s Admitted Student Research, responses are tied to an individual automatically and in real time. As a result, if a deposited student notes a specific concern about their upcoming experience, you can draft a custom outreach to address that concern and and increase your chances for retaining that individual.

No Slate Instance? No Problem

While many of the exciting advantages of the new ASR come from being built directly into Slate, traditional admitted student surveys are still incredibly valuable and Carnegie can lead anyone without a Slate instance in a highly impactful research option that has existed for several years and includes depth of modeling and insights. The survey directly compares outcomes for students who deposited to your institution and those who declined. From feedback on your admissions materials to competitive positioning, this survey mixes qualitative and quantitative responses to give you the dynamic information needed to adjust for future cycles and to improve the student experience.

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