Digital Byte: How to Maximize Your IP Targeting Campaign

Carnegie Higher Ed Nov 17, 2014 Carnegie Higher Ed Persona The Visionary Frontrunner

One of the hottest buzzwords in higher ed marketing this year is IP Targeting. If you’re not privy to it, I’ll summarize: It starts with a list—maybe a Search buy, your inquiry pool, non-responders, or even accepted applicants. We then use the street addresses from those lists to validate the IP addresses associated with that home. (We’re seeing validation rates averaging 85%!) Those IP addresses are used as the geographical territory for your banner ad campaign. Your impressions appear on thousands of websites that participate in the ad exchange networks on any device associated with that home’s IP, including smartphones and tablets.

Those who click on your ad can be taken to a designated landing page unique to their interests in your institution. For example, if your addresses are for students who have inquired about a nursing program, you can serve them banner ads reminding them of a nursing-specific application deadline or encouraging them to attend an open house and tour the health science facilities. Keep in mind parents and other stakeholders in that home will see those ads too, so messages relaying the value of the degree with program accolades, career placements stats, and affordability are encouraged.

And IP Targeting goes beyond just homes; you can reach businesses, colleges, hospitals, hotels, and most other buildings with a validated IP address, so you can market non-traditional recruitment initiatives. We’re seeing everything from community college feeder schools attracting adult degree completion prospects to local businesses recruiting employees for a grad program. Colleges have even started reaching alumni in their homes via IP targeting display ads to promote a giving campaign.

The buzz is out—and for good reason. IP Targeting has proven to be a reliable display venue that maximizes your marketing dollars. And even though IP Targeting is a premium service, it doesn’t carry a premium price tag. With the technological advancements over the last year, most agencies should now be able to offer it at a competitive rate, so shop around for the best deal and make sure your IP Targeting package includes strategy, creative, reporting and analysis.

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