E-mail/Online/Mobile Prospective Student Reach Through PC&U

Carnegie Higher Ed Dec 19, 2013 Carnegie Higher Ed Persona The Visionary Frontrunner

From freshmen to seniors, PC&U reaches students across all channels during the entire year. And many schools are excited to learn about the impact PC&U has with audiences through e-mail, online, and mobile/tablet reach. In addition to the enormous value the print element and direct-to-home delivery PC&U provides (hello, parents!), the programmatic platform type element of PC&U means that each audience segment is optimized continually throughout the year based on:

  • Lead performance
  • Lead quality
  • Time of year
  • Enrollment cycle
  • High school year

And the results of that piece of the PC&U equation have been phenomenal in 2013. As an example, our reach to the audience for our Science & Engineering program (roughly 200,000 students with PSAT Math 80 to 60, PSAT Verbal 80 to 58, ACT-PLAN 32 to 27, NRCCUA GPA of A+ to B+) delivered over 250% more qualified leads to PC&U schools in 2013 versus 2012 (~126k versus ~49k). That type of change cannot be accomplished through a print publication that goes to roughly the same size audience year after year. That can only be accomplished through managing and communicating with each audience segment in a consistent and customized way—and it delivers results for PC&U clients.

I’m guilty of saying this about PC&U all the time, but it’s true: since 1985, and at its core, PC&U has always been about reaching prospective student audiences in the best environments that will deliver results for our clients and connect them with the students they need. In 1985, that was mostly made up of the valuable print publication that arrived in their mailboxes once a year. Fast-forward to today, and the core principle of reaching students in the best environments and connecting them with right-fit schools hasn’t changed. But now, it includes e-mail, online, mobile, social, SEO, and more, which all play a key part in today’s PC&U service and value.

To learn more about the different PC&U prospective student audience segments, and the results they’ve been delivering for schools, contact us today.

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