Expect the Unexpected

Carnegie Higher Ed Sep 28, 2015 Carnegie Higher Ed Persona The Visionary Frontrunner

Some of the best marketing pushes are those you have no control over: your basketball team was the underdog that prevailed during March Madness, a top news source unexpectedly cites a professor, a blockbuster movie mentions your school.

All good things. But was your website ready to handle the unexpected uptick in visitors and attention? Specifically, what about potential students who visited your admission pages because they heard about you for the first time because of this?

Reason #482 that Retargeting is the best digital higher education marketing effort you can invest in.

Having Retargeting as an ongoing strategy supports every other marketing effort you’re already doing. It’s the safety net of advertising. And Retargeting during these unexpected windfalls is the icing on the cake.

Making the most out of these exciting situations can be the difference in meeting your enrollment goals vs. smashing through them. But let’s be honest: turning a marketing effort around as a reaction to these events is easier said than done. Red tape, approvals, creative, timing, etc.

By having Retargeting on your admission pages, you would have been tagging this unexpected—and very welcomed—traffic and then delivering display ads to them after they left.

The excitement of the initial spark may have died down, but if you could stay connected to this new prospective audience via display advertising, you can keep that flame alive!

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