Make a Strong First Impression With CollegeXpress Recruitment Strategies

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Names, inquiries, leads, suspects, prospects…no matter the terminology you use or how you label the prospective students you’re trying to attract, there’s a critical factor that needs to be remembered above all else in your higher education marketing strategy: they’re humans. And 100% of humans have their own unique personality that connects with and reacts to other personalities. Believe it or not, your institution has its own authentic human personality too.

Carnegie Dartlet’s entire approach to partnering with colleges and universities is based around this concept: The Science of Human Connection®. Nowhere is this more prevalent than through our CollegeXpress service. For 35 years, the CollegeXpress Platform has provided unmatched opportunities for institutions to attract the right students and connect them to the personality of their school.

First impressions

With the reach and access CollegeXpress offers, we like to consider it to be that first impression opportunity for so many schools. Students develop their short lists earlier and earlier. Our ability to reach students prior to that process is now more difficult than ever. CollegeXpress enables schools to reach students when they’re freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors—meaning colleges are able to implement recruitment strategies earlier than ever before with powerful results.

Mind-blowing reach

Imagine the ability to access over 250 million households, over three million prospective students, and over 40 audience segments and variables. CollegeXpress provides the most impactful platform to drive awareness, interest, and response with prospective students. Customize the audience options that are right for your institution and curate targeted messaging to attract a wide range of students all within this groundbreaking platform.  


You can spend all day trying to determine which marketing tactic made one particular student raise their hand and express interest. Or you can rely on the CollegeXpress engine to analyze and adapt to the channels and platforms that work best at this precise point in time.

For over three decades, that’s exactly what CollegeXpress has done. When the model is founded in connecting with and engaging students where they spend their time and built for driving response under their terms, the natural evolution that occurs to reflect the times becomes a standard benefit of the service. As a digital marketing pioneer in higher education, Carnegie Dartlet is able to channel that expertise and integrate it into CollegeXpress—making it more powerful today than ever before.

Delivering results

Simply put, CollegeXpress delivers more connections between students and colleges than any other platform of its kind. In 2018, roughly 650,000 students were connected with participating colleges and universities. Further adding to its value, those students were connected based on their demonstrated interest in areas of study, their academic achievement, their location, and more. And those connections were made because 100% of those 650,000 students expressed interest in the particular school we connected them with through CollegeXpress.

Significant impact on recruitment

The data shows that on average, CollegeXpress is reaching 75% of a school’s enrolled class at some point in their journey. Bottom line: the platform is getting in front of the majority of students that you’re ultimately looking to enroll. If you’re not part of that, you’re missing those moments that can make the difference in building early interest and connections with your best-fit students.

Accessing the marketing strategies within CollegeXpress is simple

Gaining access to CollegeXpress couldn’t be easier. You choose the areas of focus most important to you and pay one flat annual rate to be delivered unlimited student leads that express interest in your institution throughout the entire year.

Segment options include:

  • Academic Achievement
  • Health & Medicine
  • Science & Engineering
  • Business
  • Visual/Performing Arts
  • Christian
  • Catholic
  • Transfer
  • Multicultural
  • Graduate
  • International

For more information on how the marketing strategies available through CollegeXpress can help your institution attract the right students, contact us today at

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