PRESS RELEASE: Carnegie Communications and Semcasting Partner to Offer Mobile Footprints for Higher Education, a Powerful New Digital Advertising Strategy

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For Immediate Release—WESTFORD, MA, September 20, 2016—Carnegie Communications and Semcasting, partners in higher education digital advertising, are pleased to announce the introduction of the Mobile Footprints technology—expanding the reach and power of IP and mobile device targeting.

Mobile Footprints is the fusion of Geofencing/mobile device targeting and IP Targeting. Mobile Footprints offers the ability to customize the reach of any digital advertising campaign from one user at one location to other locations and devices they engage with.

This advancement links two familiar and powerful solutions: Mobile device targeting enables clients to reach a precise audience based on specific locations and then deliver digital advertising to anyone who has entered and exited that geofenced location. IP Targeting uses a client’s audience list and household IP addresses to deliver digital advertising directly into the home and all active devices inside. Mobile Footprints links IP Targeting and mobile advertising together to provide verifiable access to not only the student but also to parents and other important stakeholders. Here’s how it works:

  • Using any location or address list, such as high schools or community colleges, Mobile Footprints can identify the mobile devices that are active in the “fenced” location of the school.
  • Coverage areas are set automatically to the size and campus dimensions of each high school, community college, or four-year school but can also be customized to a specific building, area of a campus, or an off-campus location.
  • Active devices within the geofence are then linked to the home IP address. This provides uninterrupted advertising delivery from the school to the household and also extends it from students to parents and other stakeholders.

For Carnegie’s clients, the benefits are many. There is simplicity in execution—one list, one audience. The technology does the heavy lifting to strategically include additional influencing audiences. And it’s truly seamless digital advertising, with uninterrupted access to all devices, all locations, and all targeted audiences. Mobile Footprints provides continuity and frequency of message beyond what technology has been able to deliver—until now.

“We are thrilled to be pioneering this technology with Semcasting in the higher education space,” said Joe Moore, CEO of Carnegie Communications. “Providing our clients expanded access to their most critical audiences is exciting. Mobile Footprints will have a definite impact on higher ed digital marketing.”

“Carnegie Communications provided us with a unique level of insight and guidance to the higher education marketplace,” said Ray Kingman, CEO of Semcasting. “Their domain expertise allowed our partnership to optimize Mobile Footprints technology so that it directly aligns with the dynamics of mobile and Internet usage in the higher education market.”

About Carnegie

Carnegie Communications has been at the forefront of integrated, response-driven enrollment marketing and recruitment for over 30 years. Through customized, cutting-edge digital solutions and a multi-channel lead generation platform, Carnegie connects higher education institutions with the target audience they seek. Carnegie is headquartered in Westford, Massachusetts.

About Semcasting

Semcasting is the next generation in Data Management Platforms, providing actionable intelligence for marketing services, CRM enhancement, and manufacturing logistics on any Internet-enabled device. Semcasting’s Smart Zones™ technology maps the demographic attributes of real consumers and businesses to their Internet delivery points in order to automate the creation of highly qualified and verified audiences. Semcasting matches customers, prospects, and Internet traffic to the locations and devices they prefer, enabling analytics and advertising to be targeted with nearly 100% reach and unrivaled accuracy. Semcasting is headquartered in North Andover, Massachusetts.

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