Press Release: Carnegie Dartlet Shares Peer-Reviewed Research at AEJMC Conference in Toronto

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For Immediate Release—Westford, MA, August 7, 2019—Carnegie Dartlet, a leading psychometric marketing and communications firm, announced today that major portions of its research methodologies and processes were accepted as peer-reviewed papers at this year’s Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) Conference in Toronto, Canada.

The AEJMC is a flagship international entity for communications research. As an international organization, its annual conference attracts thousands of top researchers and accepts fewer than half the articles submitted for presentation. This year, the conference will take place from August 6–10 in Toronto, and Carnegie Dartlet earned the honor of presenting both of the research papers it submitted.

Peer review, the hallmark of research method validation, is a crucial process intended to ensure that research publications are legitimate, thorough, repeatable, and valid. Conference review, completed by two to five reviewers, is the first step in the publication process and begins the conversation about how research can fit into the overall paradigm of the field. This unique distinction is highly respected in the academic research world.

The two accepted research papers based on Carnegie Dartlet’s proprietary personality archetyping theory and methodology are:

Beyond the What to the Who: Advancing Archetype Theory to Improve Branded Communication: Archetypal theories have been long studied to better define human personality. Concurrently, brands looking to separate from their peers have attempted communication strategies that take advantage of emotional storytelling through the voice of a personified protagonist. However, bringing consensus around this vision is difficult in organizations with varied stakeholders. This paper extends archetypal theory in communication specific to organizations while also proposing a method for consensus-driven research to uncover the “who” of higher education institutions.

A Lion or a Lone Wolf? Developing a Visual Measure of Archetypal Personality for Communication Research: The accurate measure of psychological predictors like personality is pivotal to communication research seeking to tailor messages or explain behaviors. Unfortunately, measuring personality is difficult due to desirability bias and lack of universality in understanding trait-based questionnaires. This research builds on literature that suggests visual measures, like icons or emojis, can eliminate some of this bias. Icons were developed for measuring archetypal personality and were tested with two surveys and dozens of real-world case studies.

“For a marketing firm to subject its research methods to the academic community is almost unheard of,” said Tyler Borders, Partner and Chief Innovation Officer of Carnegie Dartlet. “After nearly 15 years of evolution and refinement, this validation gives our team even more runway to continue to innovate, create, and provide the most powerful data-driven solutions for our clients.”

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