Reaching the Elusive M.B.A. Animal

Carnegie Higher Ed Aug 08, 2014 Carnegie Higher Ed Persona The Visionary Frontrunner

In my days in graduate admission, my undergraduate counterparts trolled high schools. High schools in little Oregon towns, high schools in dense Manhattan boroughs, and everything in between.

But I recruited M.B.A. students—M.B.A. students who were required to have three years of post-bachelor’s work experience and were often a decade beyond campus life. These folks have graduated and could be currently working, volunteering, starting a business, or looking for another degree before getting back into the workforce.

How does one go about reaching adult students who disperse in such a fashion? Just months ago, I learned about a tool that would’ve made my job as an M.B.A. Admissions Director much easier: IP Targeting.

With IP Targeting, once I have a list of M.B.A. prospects and their mailing addresses, I am able to reach them on their laptops and other devices via their IP address, wherever they may be in the country. Whether they’re on a tablet in a Los Angeles home or browsing their iPhone after work in Miami, my online ads are delivered directly to them.

Not only does IP Targeting provide that broad reach, but it also helps you bypass certain obstacles faced by other forms of marketing.

So the prospect never picks up their phone? Not an issue.

So some of your marketing e-mails are going to spam folders? No worries.

So your prospect is deleting your cookies? Not a problem with IP Targeting.

The beauty of this kind of digital marketing is reaching the specific prospects you know are qualified. It may be a list of students who’ve taken the GMAT or GRE, or it may be a list of those who have signed up for an M.B.A. fair. It may even be your entire database. In any case, you know they’re in the market for your type of degree, and you can reach them even if they’re spread out all over the country.

Another thing I love about IP Targeting is that it enables us to reach members of the prospect’s household too, such as a spouse who may be involved in the decision-making process.

If I’d had this tool in my marketing toolbox as an Admission Director, I would’ve been over the moon! Being on the cutting edge in this field means finding innovative ways to reach students—particularly those who are geographically dispersed—and keeping your message in front of them.

Learn more about IP Targeting and other ways of recruiting adult students by contacting us or your Regional Director.

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