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This was a huge year for our Carnegie blog, with more visitors and posts than ever before. We thought it would be helpful to share the top 10 posts, per Google Analytics, and give you a quick link to each of them.

Drum roll please . . .

#10. Transfer Students: The Needle in The Haystack Has Been Found!

Ahhh, the elusive transfer student. This post brings to light some new ways to reach this critical audience.

#9. Search differently™: Take a New Approach to Traditional Higher Ed Marketing

We believe so strongly in the concept of making your Search unique, we trademarked it! This post details how we approach Search and what exactly it means to Search differently.

#8 Reduce Friction for Better Conversions: Landing Pages 101

Part of our very popular “Landing Pages 101” series, here we discuss how landing page friction can impact your conversions.

#7. 9 Things Enrollment Marketers Should Be Doing Now to Prepare for Fall

We all know that fall is a critical time in education recruitment. This past summer we talked about getting ready to tackle fall marketing successfully.

#6. Get the Yes: 7 Ideas to Build a Better Yield Campaign

Getting the application is one thing; getting the deposit is quite another. Here we offer some tactics you can use to get that “yes.”

#5. & #4. What is Attention Ratio? Landing Pages 101 and The Importance of Message Match: Landing Pages 101

These companion posts, both part of the “Landing Pages 101” series, emphasize the importance of landing pages and cover important best practices. h/t to #CarnegieConf speaker Oli Gardner for some great definitions.

#3. 6 Enrollment Goal-Crushing Strategies

Really, this one is hits the nail on the head! One of those must-reads for any enrollment marketer.

#2. Carnegie Conference 2015 FAQs

We might be a bit biased, but this conference is one of the best. The FAQs (which will be updated soon for the 2016 #CarnegieConf) are a great way to learn more about this fun and informative event.

And, without further adieu, the number one blog post of the past year is:

#1. The 5 E-mail Rules You Need to Be Following

No surprise here that this was our most popular post. We all use e-mail, both day-to-day and in our marketing efforts. These straight-to-the-point tips are great reminders for making this medium work best.

What do you think of our list? Google Analytics doesn’t lie, but are there any posts you think should have made the Top 10? Any topics you’d like to see us cover in the coming months? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter: @CarnegieComm.

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