Why We Can’t Wait for This Year’s NACAC Conference

Carnegie Higher Ed Aug 14, 2017 Carnegie Higher Ed Persona The Visionary Frontrunner

With the NACAC Conference just a month away, I couldn’t be more excited to have this year’s held in Carnegie’s backyard of Boston! This will be my fourth NACAC, and every year I look forward to the energy the conference brings, connecting with clients, putting names and faces together, and seeing my colleagues who live across the country. This year I am especially happy to be conducting a “wicked smaht” pre-conference seminar with a group of higher ed experts on the ins and outs of marketing to the next generation of college students: Gen Z!

Collectively as a Carnegie team, we’ve been to over 150 NACACs. Special shout out to Joe Moore, who’s attended a whopping 31; Meghan Dalesandro heading to her 17th; and Gary Williams, who incredibly this year will attend his 40th NACAC. He claims he started going at age seven.

So, what is our team most excited about for NACAC this year? In their own words, here’s what they’re most looking forward to:

Joe Moore, CEO (NACAC #32)—“I’m looking forward to seeing our clients and friends. NACAC is always a great way to catch up.”

Jim Kelly, National Director, Client Solutions (NACAC #7)—“I am excited to have my wicked-big Boston accent match the location of the conference.”

Eric Page, Regional Director (NACAC #4)—“I can’t wait to see old friends and colleagues and make new connections and spend time reflecting on the great people who work in college admissions and marketing.”

Tim Morrow, Director, Client Solutions (NACAC #6)—“I am looking forward to doing a pub crawl and making it historic by solving all the problems facing admissions offices across the country one pint at a time.”

Christine Kramer, Regional Director (NACAC #3)—“I’m excited to hang out in the Carnegie ‘living room’ booth #711 with my colleagues and show off Boston to our clients. Bring on the seafood and Sam Adams!”

Jennifer Lonchar, SVP, Client Solutions and Business Development (NACAC #9)—“Eating lobster at every meal…lobster omelets, lobster rolls, lobster bisque…and drinking lobster martinis with my coworkers and clients!! Do they even have those??”

Jaime Oleksik, Regional Director (NACAC #3)“I’m looking forward to the higher ed takeover in Boston! I love having all of my former and current colleagues (turned friends!) come together in one place.”

Melissa Rekos, EVP, Digital Services (NACAC #8)—“I’m looking forward to seriously fun conversations with great people, including the innovations in marketing and lead gen that only Carnegie can provide, why heels and cobblestones are a bad combo, why a soft-shell lobster rocks, which cannoli flavors are best, the most unique pubs, and how to walk the red Freedom Trail line correctly after visiting the pubs!”

Jenny Lukiewski, Regional Director (NACAC #15)—“Socializing at the happy hour and then off to dance with my colleagues and clients in my pencil skirt and peep-toe shoes!!”

Kevin Roane, Regional Director (NACAC #4)—“Stopping at a McDonald’s in the Boston area and getting a lobster roll (said with tons of sarcasm).”

Meghan Dalesandro, President (NACAC #17)—“I’m excited for that feeling of the post-conference high you have from being inspired by so many great people, thoughtful conversations, and new ideas. From the booth to the sessions to the late-night drinks, there’s nothing more invigorating than a week with friends at NACAC.”

Mark Cunningham, EVP, Client Solutions and Strategy (NACAC #7)— “We’re thrilled to be the official digital marketing sponsor for NACAC 2017! With so much evolving and emerging when it comes to ways for schools to connect with students in the online, mobile, and social landscapes, I can’t wait for all of the discussions and learnings with colleagues, partners, and friends about how we’ve all adapted.”

We hope you’re looking forward to NACAC as much as we are and will stop by our “hometown” booth to say hi to this motley crew!

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