Carnegie Clarity™

Transform Complex Insights Into Highly Personalized User Experiences

We understand the unique marketing and enrollment challenges faced by higher education institutions. That's why we've developed Carnegie Clarity™.

Clarity™ allows institutions to gain deep insights and understanding of its website users, harness the power of behavioral data, maximize growth with data-driven tactics, and craft personalized website experiences. And everything is brought together in Carnegie Clarity™ Dashboards which provide a comprehensive visualization of your enrollment data.

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Gain Deep Insights and Understanding

By connecting Carnegie Clarity™ with Slate or your current CRM system, you can unleash the true potential of your website as a marketing powerhouse. Our tool allows you to precisely identify the content that drives user conversions, unveiling the interests, behaviors, and desires of your prospects. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of who your prospects really are and what they want from your institution.

Uncover the Truth with Clarity™

Clarity™ harnesses the power of behavioral data to uncover incredible insights about your users. With just a single line of JavaScript, our expert team analyzes user roaming patterns, providing you with a detailed understanding of the content they explore across different funnel sections. From their first visit, we track frequency, page views, and content accessed, enabling you to decode the mysteries of stealth applicants and enrich your CRM records.

Maximize Your Growth with Data-Driven Tactics

When running multiple marketing campaigns simultaneously, Clarity™ becomes your indispensable guide. Our tool helps you identify the most effective tactics that drive growth, without any first-touch or last-touch bias. Gain confidence in your decision-making process by letting data reveal the truth behind your campaigns’ ROI.

Craft Personalized Web Experiences

With web personalization powered by Clarity™, you can create customized experiences that speak directly to students based on their interests and funnel position. Leverage past and current session data, as well as CRM insights, to captivate students interested in specific programs with targeted pop-ups, on-page messaging, and even invite prospects from specific geographic areas to local events, all before they submit their information.

Comprehensive Visualization with Attribution Dashboards

Clarity™ Dashboards bring everything together, providing a multifaceted, comprehensive visualization of your enrollment data. With a data-driven attribution model and extensive filtering options, you can easily identify which campaigns have the greatest impact on enrollment. Explore behavioral sections that intuitively display prospects’ habits by funnel position and program of interest.

Turn Insights into Action

Carnegie Clarity™ is your partner in transforming complex insights about your prospects into highly personalized experiences that influence their path along the enrollment funnel. We understand that each student is unique, and our goal is to help you create meaningful connections that drive enrollment success.

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