Overview of Clarity Service

Carnegie Clarity™ is a proprietary service that leverages the technology of a customer data platform (CDP) to track website behavior and personalize website experiences for both anonymous and known users throughout the enrollment lifecycle. A 12-month Clarity contract includes: a subscription to the BlueConic platform (see: Licensing Fee) and a combination of setup, maintenance, and deliverables managed by Carnegie (see Service and Deliverables).


Licensing Fee

The Clarity service leverages the BlueConic platform for data collection and website personalization. The details of the BlueConic subscription can be found in your Carnegie insertion order or SOW. For details and definitions, please see “Carnegie Clarity” section in Carnegie T&Cs .

Service and Deliverables

Setup and Maintenance

The Carnegie team will setup and maintain the BlueConic platform to collect data across channels1 (up to 5 in base services) throughout the 12-month contract term. This includes the setup and maintenance necessary for deliverables like interaction campaigns, the Clarity Attribution and Behavioral Dashboard, and CRM connections.

Personalization Campaigns

Clarity is able to customize existing website content and/or introduce additional content without CMS integration on any channel where the tracking script is present. Up to 15 personalization campaigns are included for use throughout the 12-month contract. Each personalization campaign includes development (i.e. design, code, and copy), execution, and reporting. The development phase includes up to two rounds of review and edits to copy points and design elements. Personalization campaigns may be launched at any point throughout the contract. Unused personalization campaigns may not be rolled over into future contracts, nor are they eligible for refund. Monthly reporting is included for all personalization campaigns.

Clarity Attribution and Behavioral Dashboard

One Clarity Attribution and Behavioral Dashboard (“Dashboard”) will be provided for use throughout the 12-month contract. The Dashboard will visualize key data points such as marketing campaign interactions, website behavior, and more collected across all channels. The Dashboard may be customized to meet specific goals so long as it does not require the creation of a separate dashboard due to data filter requests.


Description of Fees

Re-setup Fee: Unexpected Maintenance Due to a Website Refresh, Update, or Redesign

Adjustments made to a client’s website code, structure, and/or content may impact aspects of the Clarity service. In the event of a website refresh, update, or redesign, Carnegie may issue a re-setup fee to adapt the BlueConic platform and create a new Clarity Dashboard to accommodate the site changes. Any data collected up to the point of the site changes will not be lost but may not be represented in the updated Clarity Dashboard after the site changes.

The re-setup fee does not cover the re-coding or design of any interaction campaigns that are live or eligible for relaunch. Additional interaction campaigns may be purchased at the time of re-setup and are eligible for the discounted rate when buying sets of 5 campaigns.

The re-setup fee is a one-time charge of $4,000 regardless of how many months are left on the original contract.



1 A channel is defined as any domain or subdomain. Each channel is counted separately. For example, admissions.yourschool.edu, apply.yourschool.edu, and yourschool.edu would count as three separate channels. Support for additional channels may be added at anytime (see “Optional Add-ons”).

2 An interaction campaign is defined as a single message intended for a single audience. For example, if multiple undergraduate open house events are held throughout the year, 1 interaction campaign may be used to promote all those events so long as the audience criteria remains the same and the message and/or style of the interaction campaign remains virtually the same. Campaign iterations that require changes to copy or code will count as a separate interaction campaign. Interaction campaigns featuring dynamic content will count as one interaction as long as no more than three elements on the page are modified.

3 A channel is defined as any domain or subdomain. Each channel is counted separately. For example, admissions.yourschool.edu, apply.yourschool.edu, and yourschool.edu would count as three separate channels.