What Is a Technical Site Audit and What Are The Goals?

The SEO Technical Audit addresses technical roadblocks on the backend of your website that inhibit your site’s ability to show up in organic search results, as well as on-site issues that could be providing a poor user experience to prospective students. The goal of the Technical Audit is to help your team understand and address these issues in order to improve your search engine visibility and website user experience.

What Does the Audit Entail and What Are the Logistics?

The Technical Audit includes five one-hour video call screen shares. Screen shares establish a working environment that allows for real-time review of issues and the live site. A different set of issues is addressed on each call, with Carnegie explaining each issue in-depth and offering solutions, helping your team prioritize what should be tackled first and how. Your team will receive an agenda before each call, as well as a recap afterwards to keep all team members informed of progress.

Topic Areas Covered Include:

  • Header tags
  • Duplicate and thin content
  • Links
  • Page errors
  • Images
  • Indexability
  • Page speed
  • Metadata


  • Five one-hour video calls screen shares, accompanied by comprehensive recap documents + export of crawl results and website issues delivered in a spreadsheet 
  • Five best practice guides
  • Comprehensive wrap up analysis document, including a re-crawl of the website to show progress

Who From Your Team Should Be On the Calls/Screen Shares?

Members from your web team who are responsible for making changes and updates to the website should be on the calls. Additional web content contributors, including members of the marketing team, may also find the content of the calls helpful and informative.

How Long Does It Take To Complete the Audit?

It typically takes about 2-3 months to complete the audit, as calls are generally spaced two weeks apart to give your team time to implement changes before moving on to the next topic. This ensures that we are able to make progress along the way and allows the Carnegie team to help troubleshoot any issues that come up along the way.

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