How Do You Generate Qualified Leads?

Carnegie Higher Ed Mar 27, 2015 Carnegie Higher Ed Persona The Visionary Frontrunner

Thinking about qualified lead generation and filling your pipeline with genuinely interested prospective students? You should be considering PC&U as part of the mix, because, simply put, it dominates other lead generation sources in every way.

Leads that are truly qualified: 100% of the leads delivered to you via PC&U are from students who have specifically expressed interest in your institution and have asked to be connected with you. That is different than how many other sources define an “inquiry.”

Flexible cost model: PC&U offers an unlimited lead generation model: you pay one flat rate based on the PC&U audience platforms you want to participate in. It’s not a Pay-Per-Lead model, and you will never be capped, shut off, or asked to pay more money within the year based on lead volume.

Unmatched student access: We have access to all College Board and NRCCUA names, and select ACT names, which allows us to reach more students in more unique ways than any other company. We don’t rely on visitors to our site alone.

Segmentation for “right fit” student audiences: With PC&U you can choose the specific student audience segments that are right for your college. From academic achievement level to program-specific focuses to geographic priorities, you precisely target the audiences that fit your goals.

Multi-channel, multi-touch, and frequency: PC&U reaches student audiences throughout the entire year to ensure we’re continually serving them your message and driving higher engagement and conversion rates. Direct-to-home print distribution (parents!), e-mail outreach at least every month, and a featured online presence on (more than 500,000 unique visitors per month). No one else does that or can do that.

Proof is in the numbers: PC&U is commonly referenced as one of the top three inquiry sources for schools, ranking right along with their website and Search efforts.

Hundreds of colleges use—and renew—PC&U every year because it works, even as they cut other “lead generation” sources from their marketing plans. PC&U is the one that remains a no-brainer resource and a critical piece of the funnel-filling strategy for so many. Check out what you’re missing; contact us today for more information or for a 10-minute demo of how PC&U can help you.


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