PRESS RELEASE: Carnegie Announces the Acquisition of CLARUS Corporation

Christine Kramer Mar 16, 2023 Christine Kramer SVP, Marketing Persona The Analytical and Discerning Detective

PRESS RELEASE: Carnegie announced today its acquisition of CLARUS Corporation, the leader in community college marketing.

Higher education marketing and enrollment strategy leader Carnegie announced today its acquisition of CLARUS Corporation, a pioneer of community college marketing. Carnegie recognizes the vital part community colleges play in higher education and their role in guiding students to the right educational opportunities. Together, Carnegie and CLARUS will be better positioned to serve community colleges and their constituents—promoting the value of education and connecting students with two-year educational opportunities, a goal in line with Carnegie’s own mission.

Carnegie welcomes the CLARUS Corporation as a principal partner in its effort to better serve community colleges and their students while broadening the company’s support of higher education as a whole. This announcement comes on the heels of Carnegie’s latest acquisition of the National Small College Enrollment Conference and the introduction of the company’s Small College Initiative. Carnegie is invested in delivering innovation that meets the needs of the entire higher education community. “CLARUS Corporation has partnered with the community college market for over 30 years, producing remarkable results for this population within higher education,” said Carnegie Chairman Joe Moore. “Their extensive understanding of the community college population is an expertise we are thrilled to add to Carnegie’s deep knowledge of the industry. We look forward to serving this community together.”

“CLARUS Corporation’s extensive understanding of the community college population is an expertise we are thrilled to add to Carnegie’s deep knowledge of the industry.” Joe Moore, Carnegie Chairman

CLARUS will continue to lead the community college market as trusted consultants, delivering custom digital, brand, and research services. Clients can look forward to the same resourceful team, high-touch service, and philosophy they have come to rely on from CLARUS—now backed by the strength of Carnegie. In addition to CLARUS-provided services, community college clients will have access to Carnegie’s services in lead generation via CollegeXpress, web development and design, Slate optimization, creative, and strategy to further their enrollment success. “I couldn’t be more excited to bring my 30+ personal years of experience, plus the combined energy and experience of my entire staff, to Carnegie,” said Kathi Swanson, President of CLARUS Corporation. “With Carnegie, we have the opportunity to offer an even larger set of high-quality and innovative services to the community college market.”

Carnegie continues to find innovative ways to generate connections between students and colleges, a legacy that began at its founding in 1985. The acquisition of CLARUS Corporation is one more step in furthering that legacy.

About CLARUS Corporation

CLARUS Corporation is the leader in community college marketing, helping these institutions manage and change constituents’ perceptions, identify market opportunities, and increase enrollment. Through custom digital marketing, research, and branding services, along with a well-honed understanding of its market, CLARUS Corporation delivers enrollment success for community colleges. Learn More about CLARUS.

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