The Quad Higher Ed Podcast S3E1: Stacy Gato, Averett University

Carnegie Higher Ed Feb 14, 2022 Carnegie Higher Ed Persona The Visionary Frontrunner

Leading With Compassion: Stacy Gato, VP of Enrollment at Averett University 

What does it mean to be a caring provider in a leadership role at a university? In the first episode of season three of The Quad, VP of Enrollment Stacy Gato shares her experiences leading Averett University through the COVID-19 pandemic, a rebranding effort, and the revitalization of Danville, Virginia. 

Throughout it all, Stacy’s compassion, warmth, and desire to care for the Averett community shaped her leadership decisions. What drives Stacy? According to her TeamChem ™ personality assessment, Stacy is motivated by caring for others and bringing people together. 

As a “Resilient and Supportive Host,” Stacy led the University’s COVID-19 vaccination efforts, launched new online programs, and strengthened Averett’s brand positioning. Find out what she learned about herself as a result of the personality assessment and how she leverages her compassion to connect with students in her enrollment decisions. 

Listen here.


The Quad is a higher education podcast produced by Carnegie and hosted by Eric Page, Executive Vice President of Enrollment Marketing Strategy. Every week, he welcomes industry leaders from across the country to discuss higher ed topics and reveal the power of human connection. 

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