Insights and Takeaways from the Graduating Senior Survey

Wednesday, April 24th at 3:00 pm CT

Immediately following the May 1 milestone for both institutions and college-bound students, Carnegie surveyed high school seniors to gain insights into their college search and college choice process. Topics covered range from why they are attending college, how far they were willing to travel, and how they chose their degree, to how they started their college search process, where they went for information, and what social platforms they are using. Also included is whether Artificial Intelligence (AI) was part of their process.

In this session, we’ll review the results of the survey, and share some of what they told us they want you to know about the college search process. We’ll also provide insights and recommendations for how this data can inform institutional strategies for the next cycle of recruitment and enrollment.


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  • Anne Kremer Senior Director, Client Success Persona The Supportive and Engaging Dynamo
    Anne Kremer