Over the past couple weeks, we’ve been in active dialogue and discussion with many of our clients, providing counsel, and working together on what has quickly emerged into one of the most significant and pressing challenges higher education has ever faced.

Carnegie is here to partner and help in whatever way we can. We invite you to join us Thursday for a virtual workshop discussion surrounding the strategic issues and challenges related to COVID-19 and your active and future enrollment cycles.

We’ll touch on residential melt, achieving optimal yield without the campus visit experience, optimal marketing and channel strategies to help you break through “shelter in place”, revisiting search strategies, among other topics, with a Q&A session to follow. We will continue to evolve the topics based on whatever happens day-by-day to ensure that our content will be as relevant as possible for this event.

  • Residential Meltdown: Summer Melt 2.0
  • So Visits Are Cancelled: What Now?
  • Follow the Eyeballs!
  • Strategies in Crisis: How COVID-19 Just Accelerated the Inevitable
  • The Opportunities of Crisis
  • Q&A