Transform Your LinkedIn Campaigns with Predictive Audiences

Haley Mattera Dec 19, 2023 Haley Mattera Social Media Associate Persona The Confident and Meticulous Idealist

LinkedIn’s Predictive Audiences are the platform’s entry into probabilistic audience targeting. We’ve seen this tactic have a dramatic positive effect on campaign efficiency. Keep reading to find out how your team can use them to increase the efficiency of your LinkedIn campaigns!

Understanding LinkedIn Predictive Audiences

What if you could tap into a new pool of LinkedIn users that model your leads or currently enrolled students? Picture a group that not only aligns with your demographic requirements but is also likely to engage and convert. This is the power of LinkedIn Predictive Audiences. Unlike LinkedIn’s Lookalike Audiences, they’re not static; they evolve, just like your marketing goals. By leveraging machine learning, these audiences fine-tune your targets in real-time, ensuring your messages always hit their mark. Demographic data + behavioral intent = Predictive Audiences.

Why Predictive Audiences Are a Game-Changer

So, what’s the big deal? LinkedIn’s AI doesn’t gamble. By analyzing your first-party data, the platform hones in on high-intent audiences who are perfect for your content and campaigns. In fact, on average, Carnegie’s test campaigns using Predictive Audience segments drove 22 more leads than their standard behavioral targeting counterparts, and at a 33% lower cost per lead.

Our take? Predictive Audiences on LinkedIn can do more than just drive better ROI. They can redefine how you scale and execute your campaigns. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Platform Requirements & Best Practices


When setting up your LinkedIn Predictive Audiences, keep these key points in mind:

  • Choose One Data Source: Pick from Lead Gen Forms, contact lists, or Online Conversions. While you can only use one type, stacking multiple sources of the same type can increase your pool. If the goal is to drive enrollments, then the seed list should be specific to recent enrollees. If the goal is just to drive more leads, then recent lead contact lists are appropriate.
  • Contact List Specifications: Ensure contact lists have 300 to 300,000 users. Scale is important, so we recommend a list of at least 1,000 users. Note: Campaign Manager’s third-party and data integration lists are not applicable.
  • Member Thresholds: If you’re using Online Conversions or Lead Gen Forms as your data source, they should have more than 300 members.
  • Audience Limitations: You can create up to 30 predictive audiences per ad account, and they can’t be shared across accounts.
  • Audience Size Tips: 500K-2M (combining data source with targeting) is recommended for better results.
  • Diversify Your Leads: Include leads from all sources, not just LinkedIn, for a broader match. Larger and more varied lists improve performance.

By following these guidelines, you’ll enhance the effectiveness of your Predictive Audiences, making your LinkedIn campaigns more targeted and efficient overall.

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