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Carnegie is the future of higher education marketing and enrollment strategy, and has been since 1985. We connect colleges with students through the power of human connection by measuring and then marketing to a student’s unique behaviors and motivators. This leads to action, enrollment, retention, and lasting affinity.

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Our approach is built on an unrivaled psychometric methodology. By integrating rich, proprietary data with powerful psychological insights, we develop communications and strategies that forge the right connections and inspire targeted action.
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Slate Optimization | May 23
Carnegie announced today a new partnership with AMSimpkins & Associates (AMSA), an IT consulting firm specializing in system integration, innovation, and automation for higher education institutions. This partnership will provide a seamless end-to-end solution for Slate clients by pairing Carnegie’s Slate Optimization services, powered by Underscore, and AMSA’s Connect middleware product.
Enrollment Strategy | May 17
Technology has changed our enrollment and marketing landscape. The channels where we operate in order to engage with students have multiplied, and the task of keeping those channels up-to-date with relevant content can be overwhelming.
Marketing Strategy | May 10
We’ve all been there…bright lights shining down on us as the questions begin and we stare at a room full of skeptical leadership explaining why marketing is critical and how to measure the ROI of our work. Unfortunately, in the quest to get to measurable tactics, sometimes it’s tempting to forgo the critical—yet terribly unsexy and hard to measure—steps of written strategy and process improvements.
Digital Marketing | May 03
As a higher education–focused agency and Google Premier Partner, Carnegie has unmatched access to higher ed digital media data that allow us to see trends, form insights, then adapt our best practices or optimize our campaigns accordingly. Coming off the heels of a pandemic that greatly affected prospective student behavior and now facing user privacy headwinds that are guaranteed to only become more difficult to navigate, utilizing these data and trends is more important than ever.
Digital Marketing | May 25
In July 2021, TikTok reached three billion downloads worldwide, a record only Facebook had broken. Higher education digital marketers should take note—especially since 47.4% of TikTok’s audience is comprised of teens and young adults, and the platform is currently neck-and-neck with Snapchat for US teens’ favorite social platform as of spring 2021, according to MarketingCharts.com. It’s even gaining steam among older users as well.
Digital Marketing | Apr 28
Last year, Facebook implemented audience targeting restrictions for users under 18. As of March 17, 2022, additional overarching audience targeting policies are in full effect. Here’s a breakdown of these changes and how Carnegie can help you navigate them on the way to meeting your institution’s strategic goals.
Digital Marketing | Apr 21
We recently hosted a webinar called It’s Time to Redefine and Redesign Student Search, where we made the case for a new model of Student Search—one that’s market-minded and student-centric. We got so many great questions that we didn’t have time to answer live, so we’re delivering those answers now.
Enrollment Strategy | Apr 19
Student Search is a marketing effort traditionally associated with undergraduate recruitment, but with major demographic changes upon us, we’re focusing our attention on non-traditional audiences. I propose we consider shifting our strategies too—specifically Student Search for graduate recruitment.
Enrollment Strategy | Apr 15
From the people we know to the regional culture and physical location of our hometown, where we grow up shapes how we understand the world. I was born and raised in what felt like the middle of nowhere, a small town not far from the border of Oregon and Idaho.
Enrollment Strategy | Apr 11
In 2018, I attended a higher education marketing conference where one idea in particular captured my attention: authentic voice. At the time, I was a Director of Graduate Programs—35+ master’s, doctoral, and post-bachelor’s programs, to be more specific.

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