6 High-Impact Options for Remaining Fiscal Budgets

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Fiscal year budgets. With May 1 having just passed, concerns about melt at a peak, focus shifting to a rising senior class, and so much more, this is a time of year here at Carnegie where we are approached by a lot of colleges asking for information on how they can best use some remaining fiscal year budget dollars. It’s not the worst situation to be in to have some leftover resources like this, but it is critical that these dollars address key priorities for the institution.

The good news is there are many relatively low-cost options available that can have major impacts. Here are just a few—and all under $10,000:

1. Apps this fall – Carnegie’s PC&U Platform reaches over three million students, based on our access to College Board, NRCCUA, and ACT names. There are almost 40 different segmentation options, many of which are below $10,000 and services can be turned on immediately to help with application numbers this fall. Many schools report first-source application numbers in the hundreds from PC&U. 

2. International students – For over 15 years, American Colleges & Universities (AC&U) has been providing schools with global recruitment reach through our partnership with the Council of International Schools and our access to all international PSAT test takers. So far in 2014, AC&U has delivered over 64,000 international leads to the 100+ participating schools (averaging over 600 leads per school).

3. Grad lead gen – GC&U (Graduate Colleges & Universities) is a first-of-its-kind lead generation option for graduate schools and programs. 

4. Transfers – A two-to-three-month digital transfer campaign around your feeder schools and target areas can have an enormous impact. One school that ran this tripled their “Transfer Tuesday” session attendance.

5. Search and outreach – The CollegeXpress database of over two million prospective students offers instant search access with the ability to immediately send outreaches. Searches can be run based on state, zip code, gender, grad year, major, GPA, athletics, top school choices, and more.

6. Data-driven digital reach – If you haven’t checked out Audience Select and how it can help reach prospective student audiences online, now is the time. Audience Select marries academic achievement data with household demographic information to serve as the most efficient online display option available for undergraduate digital reach.

Carnegie works with over 500 colleges and universities across the country helping them reach their enrollment goals. To learn more about how we can help you, please contact us today.

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