7 KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) Ways to Improve Your CTR on Your Next Search Campaign

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A key component of your Senior search, or any campaign, is likely a series of e-mails. While you have given careful consideration to the content of those messages, have you given as much thought to the best way to get prospects to click through and take the next step? Here are some quick, simple ways to do just that:

1. Have the right list

This basic step is too often overlooked and underestimated. If you aren’t talking to the right students, it doesn’t matter what you say—you won’t have a successful outcome. Make sure you are buying names realistically aligned with your enrollment demographics. Your campaign and future enrollment success depends on it.

2. Segment the list

After acquiring the right list, make sure you segment it correctly to offer relevant content. The more targeted the list, the more precise your messaging, the better the clicks.

3. Craft the perfect subject line

Set the stage for better click-through rates with a better subject line. If no one opens your e-mails, you won’t have clicks that lead to inquiries to fill your funnel. Having a killer subject line is your best chance to improve your open rate, which will lend itself to improved CTRs.

4. Give them a reason to click

“Learn more” is usually not enough. Give them a convincing reason why they should click. Whether you are promising them personalized dynamic content like “see what scholarship award you may be entitled to” or value-add content like “insider tips on getting into college” or video downloads, make sure you are giving them a meaningful “hook” to click through.



5. Create campaign-specific landing pages

Make sure your landing page is ready to capture all of those new leads you’ll be bringing in, while also delivering the relevant content and “payoff” they are clicking for. Take it one step further and use PURLs to drive your prospects to a personalized landing page where all their information is pre-populated, making it easy for them to respond in just one click.

6. Keep your e-mails short

This should be the easiest tip of them all. In the world of e-mail and mobile devices, less is definitely more. Tell them just enough to entice them to click through. And with shorter copy, they will get to your CTA sooner. If you are still struggling to cut down your word count, consider placing your most important link up top.

7. Try A/B testing

With all of these tips, test different calls-to-action, subject lines, and hooks to see what prospects are clicking on and what’s working best. The beauty of e-mail is you can see trends and get KPIs almost immediately.

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