A Traditional Approach But With a 2016 Spin

Carnegie Higher Ed May 12, 2016 Carnegie Higher Ed Persona The Visionary Frontrunner

If supporting good marketing that converts, even if it is perceived as “traditional,” makes me a traditionalist, fine. Call me a traditionalist. Buy me the T-shirt.

What I’m talking about is specific to Carnegie’s services. It is not intended to be a sales pitch at all. It is a reminder that traditional, “old school,” and evolving marketing should not be overlooked.

Many years ago, in a time of big hair and electronic music, a publication called Private Colleges & Universities was born. The original goal was a branding/marketing tool for private colleges to reach college-bound students through in-home circulation. Over the years it evolved into the multi-segmented lead generation tool that still exists today.

One common question: “How is it possible that PC&U is still published and working?”

We’ve heard it a hundred times. And here’s the answer: we’ve adapted to the trends, grown with what works, and enhanced our services.

PC&U now covers categories like Science & Engineering, Business, Health & Medicine, Education, and Performing & Visual Arts and focuses on Christian colleges, Catholic colleges, and multicultural students as well.

Depending on major goals, geographic strategies, and upcoming enrollment plans, today we can target students in home, online, and by e-mail thoughtfully and effectively, delivering qualified, complete leads every week.

And don’t just take my obviously biased word for it. The numbers don’t lie. Just today a report came across my desk that said 72 of the current deposits at a small women’s college have PC&U as a source of the lead. That accounts for 17% of their class.

Wow, right?

But we are hearing these stories all the time—that the response from students directly and our reach to entire applicant pools is unparalleled.

On average, our data shows that we are reaching over 70% of college data pools. No, we’re not sourcing to 70% of leads, but we are touching over 70% of the students in print or online. We are one of the sources in their multi-touch connection to the schools they are interested in.

Those proven sources, regardless of how “cutting edge” they may or may not seem, are sometimes the gems that you need to hold on to. And don’t judge a book by its cover (or a magazine in this case). PC&U 1985 worked in its day, but it is a very different tool in 2016. About 500 colleges rely on it year after year to build their class. So be sure you’re aware of all the aspects of all the marketing efforts you’re investing in.

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