Get the Most Bang for Your Advertising Buck with Device Bid Adjustments

Carnegie Higher Ed Sep 14, 2016 Carnegie Higher Ed Persona The Visionary Frontrunner

Heads up, higher ed marketers! Google rolled out device bid adjustments recently! And if you’re not celebrating yet, here’s why you should…

Over the past few years, digital marketers and advertisers have had to deal with the fact that society is quickly migrating to a multiple-device lifestyle. Gone are the days of starting, researching, and ending the buying process all on your old Dell desktop computer.

Because of this, many marketers have found themselves faced with the dilemma of either altering their digital advertising strategies or risk missing out on maximizing their efforts. In 2013, Google implemented mobile bid adjustments in AdWords to help advertisers control their costs and delivery on smart phones and mobile devices in the most effective way possible. In the years since, digital marketers have been clamoring for even more control of their device delivery. In May, Google responded at their Performance Summit Keynote by announcing device bid adjustments would be available later this year. Today, Google has slowly started to roll out this feature, and it will be available to all advertisers within the next few months.

The benefit of being able to bid on specific devices is pretty big: if you can control the amount of budget to each device (computers, tablets, smartphones, other smart technology), you should be able to bid smarter and get more bang for your buck. With that being said though, Google warns advertisers that this rollout is not meant to drastically alter your campaign strategies. Though it may be appealing to break out your campaigns by device type for even greater control of ad delivery, Google and experts alike strongly recommend keeping your campaigns consolidated for the most efficient way to take advantage of this feature. By keeping the complexity of your campaigns to a minimum, it saves you and your team both time and energy!

Device bid adjustment is a small cog in the ever-growing optimizing machine that digital advertisers work on every day. Though it may not create a drastic change in campaign performance, device-specific bid adjustments are definitely an opportunity to put your campaign over the top. Bidding smarter and further optimizing your campaigns is always crucial for a successful marketing strategy.

If you need help or recommendations on how to run and fully optimize your digital marketing campaigns, reach out to us! Carnegie Communications is one of Google’s exclusive Premier Partners, which grants us numerous benefits in addition to working directly with their experts. So let us know how we can help you expand and maximize your digital and social marketing efforts today!

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