Gonzaga Ranked #1 in NCAA Men’s Basketball! See why they rank PC&U so high for recruitment…

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With Gonzaga enjoying their success this past week for their men’s basketball program, we’re kicking off with some of their feedback on why they (and several other schools) rank PC&U so high for their recruitment and enrollment marketing efforts . . .

“Gonzaga University has seen outstanding benefits from advertising in Private Colleges & Universities for the past 21 years. The leads we gain with the different PC&U guides are strong leads with a solid conversion from inquiries to applicants, especially in comparison to other inquiry-generation opportunities.”

— Julie McCulloh, Dean of Admission, Gonzaga University


“At the University of Dayton, we don’t just recruit students to enroll. We recruit students to graduate and PC&U has been an important asset in providing us with students who exemplify our values and mission as a Catholic, Marianist university. Each year, we experience an exponential increase in the number of students who apply and enroll and become vibrant members of our community. Our partnership with PC&U provides a valuable return on investment for the University.”

 — Sundar Kumarasamy, Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing, The University of Dayton


“For more than a decade at two different universities, I have annually partnered with Private Colleges & Universities with outstanding results. We closely track the source of our admitted and enrolled students, and the number of students matriculating each year vastly exceeds our investment in this marketing publication. I am referring to every year that I have partnered with PC&U, not just some years. I strongly recommend this great resource for private universities, students, and parents.”

— Brent Benner, Director of Enrollment Management, The University of Tampa


Private Colleges and Universities is a valued partner in our enrollment efforts. Students have so many vehicles by which they can research options for their higher education, yet year after year, PC&U has delivered prospective students who have focused their college search on areas that we offer and who fit our profile. The Science and Engineering Edition provides a well-organized source of information for students whose goals are specifically aimed, affording us the opportunity to connect immediately in a strategic and meaningful way. Outreach opportunities come and go, but PC&U is a constant in our arsenal of recruitment efforts.”

— Deborah J. Bandy, Director of Admissions Operations, Undergraduate Admissions, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


“Millikin University has been a long-time participant in Private Colleges & Universities publications for one reason: it works. PC&U provides strong, qualified leads for our institution and we continue to see an increased return on our investment year after year.”

— Sarah Shupenus, Vice President Enrollment, Millikin University


PC&U has consistently delivered both quantity and quality of leads. PC&U ranks as one of our most efficient advertising venues in terms of CPL and CPE models.”

— Kenneth Pinnola, Director of Marketing, Office of the Academic VP, St. John’s University


“CollegeXpress has been a great addition to our search process. The ability to readily access a large number of potential students and target them by different categories has brought well-qualified students to our university inquiry base.”

— Jamie Specht, Director of Marketing, Clarke University


In 2012, PC&U connected more students with their ideal school than ever before. In fact, the number of unique students that PC&U delivered to our participating colleges and universities was up 40% year over year! In a time where so many schools are looking for better ways to manage their budgets, while still being expected to deliver better results, PC&U represents the ideal and cost-effective solution to reach, engage, and convert the audiences schools need. A true multi-channel blend of online, print, and e-communication, PC&U involves all of the environments that are most reflective of student search and evaluation behavior today.

For more information on the options available with PC&U, please contact your Regional Director or Mark Cunningham at 978-842-2813 or mcunningham@carnegiecomm.com.

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