Happy May 1st from Me and My First

Carnegie Higher Ed Apr 24, 2013 Carnegie Higher Ed Persona The Visionary Frontrunner

Due dates—have you ever realized the importance of these two words? Due dates can apply to many different situations in life: a project in school, a task for work, or, as I just recently experienced, the day my child was to be born.

Due dates can lead to much anxiety and sleepless nights, and I experienced both while awaiting the arrival of my now three-month-old son, my first child. This due date was an exciting but stressful one, as they tend to be; like any parent, I hoped to have a healthy, happy child. I also hoped my wife and I could quickly adjust to the huge lifestyle change.

Looking back, the thoughts I had while waiting for my son’s due date were not so unlike the thoughts of many deans and directors in the admission world as they wait for the May 1 deadline to arrive. Having worked in admission, I understand the importance of this date, the pressure that comes with it and the sleepless nights that surround it.

I wish all the leaders in higher ed the best of luck for a healthy and happy incoming class and that all your enrollment goals are reached! Hopefully we both can start to get some sleep in the coming weeks!

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