How to Use IP Targeting to Better Reach Your Alumni

Carnegie Higher Ed Apr 05, 2017 Carnegie Higher Ed Persona The Visionary Frontrunner

Make your alumni proud of their alma mater…and come back and give back!

Working on a college campus allows you the fortunate opportunity to watch like a proud parent as students walk across the stage each spring and receive their college diplomas. I’m sure these students walk away feeling proud of their accomplishments and have a love for their school like no other. The challenge every campus faces is capturing that moment so these new alumni feel compelled to donate to the school or enroll again as a graduate student.

I’m sure you have tried letters, postcards and even phone calls asking for donations or their level of interest in coming back for a master’s degree. But what if there was a better way to accomplish all of that and more?

Carnegie Communications has made it easy for admission, alumni, and advancement offices to connect with alumni directly in their homes on their computers and mobile devices, allowing you to take your campaigns to the next level.

Today’s technology allows you to use your alumni mailing list to deliver digital ads directly into their households and be seen on any computer or mobile device that is connected to Wi-Fi in the home. The technology I’m speaking of is called IP Targeting. IP Targeting uses the home addresses on your mailing list and matches home IP addresses to deliver digital ads directly into your former students’ homes and across all their devices.

Imagine inviting your alum to participate in an upcoming giving campaign using images from their graduation day and offering a one-click donation opportunity to fuel their community. You can invite them to events, promote a new master’s degree program being offered, or ask them to be a part of your squad for life, as The University of Texas did to increase their alumni association membership (see banner examples). This is the ultimate way to put your alumni database to work for you, not to mention all those feel-good moments you’ve been snapping all year, and get your message out to those who love your university. You can reach your alumni list by specific states, donation levels, degree programs, or any number of segmentation options you can imagine.

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