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Carnegie Higher Ed Jan 31, 2012 Carnegie Higher Ed Persona The Visionary Frontrunner

The term “blog” is a blend of the words “web log.” I like to think of that combination in a different way: we blog. We are a society of citizen journalists who take what we think, see, hear, and read, and we casually log it for the world to see. As a culture, we blog. And as higher education consultants with digital marketing expertise, Carnegie Communications is now blogging.

Colleges have taken the reigns and started steering the blogging bandwagon. There are endless opportunities to tap into the minds of students, faculty, staff, leaders, and anyone else in the higher ed community. A recent Carnegie Connect study, “The Digital Age Comes to Search: Creating the New Dynamic and Connecting with Today’s Prospective Students,” found that college blogs are relevant for visibility during the college search. Over half of all high school students said they would be interested in viewing student blogs. Participants also responded in favor of viewing entries from faculty, alumni, and college presidents.

Search engines love fresh, new content on websites, and blogging is the easiest way to create this. But it’s not just about SEO: these entries provide an automatic system of highlighting stories, which can uncover that groundbreaking research from a professor, the latest happenings for students on campus, or some sage advice from staff members. For public relations purposes, blogging acts as the ideal liaison between those stories and potential media outlets.

So, what’s holding you back?

You have a college full of bright minds and brilliant ideas. Blogging takes time and technology, but the return on investment is something we often discuss here at Carnegie, and will further discuss in an upcoming entry. As an institution, you have a wealth of knowledge and people willing to educate. Do what you can to share your school’s experiences, expertise, and opinions with the world.

That’s exactly our goal here on our blog. Join the conversation.

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