PC&U: Year-End Numbers and Feedback Are In

Carnegie Higher Ed Jan 21, 2014 Carnegie Higher Ed Persona The Visionary Frontrunner

It’s a new year, and as we look forward to another exciting year of helping students and colleges connect through PC&U, we also enjoy looking back at 2013.

Hundreds of colleges rely on Private Colleges & Universities (PC&U) every year to boost inquiries, applications, and enrollments. Here are a few numbers we’re excited to report from its 2013 performance.

  • 520,000: PC&U connected over 520,000 unique students with schools in 2013, representing another record year for us. The omni-channel reach that PC&U accomplishes to prospective students continues to prove year after year that it works.
  • 121%: The results from PC&U are up 121% since 2008. In the past five years, we’ve continued to evolve and optimize how PC&U connects with students, and that work is paying off.
  • 4.5 million: In 2013, we delivered over 4.5 million qualified inquiries to colleges through their PC&U services. And what we’re most excited about is that so many of these schools have shared phenomenal conversion numbers for these inquiries, proving that PC&U leads are high quality and turn into enrolled students.

Some recent PC&U client feedback:

“For more than a decade, we have worked with Carnegie with outstanding results. For the past 2 years, we’ve enrolled over 50 students each year from their PC&U Platform, and their Digital Marketing services are doing a lot to help our grad enrollment. You don’t have to be very good at math to determine what a great return on investment this is for our university.”  — Brent Benner, Director of Enrollment Management, The University of Tampa

“At the University of Dayton, we don’t just recruit students to enroll. We recruit students to graduate and PC&U has been an important asset in providing us with students who exemplify our values and mission as a Catholic, Marianist university. Each year, we experience an exponential increase in the number of students who apply and enroll and become vibrant members of our community. Our partnership with PC&U provides a valuable return on investment for the University.”  — Sundar Kumarasamy, Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing, The University of Dayton

“PC&U has proven to be a productive source of inquiries, applications and new students for Concordia University Irvine. As a result, we have expanded our presence in PC&U.” Rick Hardy, Associate Vice President for Marketing and Admissions, Concordia University Irvine

“I have used PC&U at every higher ed institution where I have worked and their service and products are great. Here at St. Thomas, the results have been very positive and we’ve had an increase in inquiries, applications, and registrations thanks to PC&U.”  Celso J. Alvarez, Director of Admissions , St. Thomas University


Since 1985, PC&U has been about helping colleges reach and connect with prospective students (and their parents) in the environments that will deliver optimal results. Three decades ago, that was primarily made up of a student recruitment publication sent directly to their homes. Today, along with that valuable direct-to-home print reach, that model also involves e-mail, online, mobile, SEO reach, and engagement channels.

Carnegie Communications’ unparalleled access to student data provides schools the opportunity to reach virtually every college-bound student in the United States—freshmen through seniors. You can use PC&U to target students by academic achievement level, program-specific interest, or demographics. To learn more about how PC&U can help your school this year, contact us today.

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