Press Release: Carnegie and Semcasting Partnership Advances IP Targeting and Audience Modeling Capabilities for Higher Education

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For Immediate Release—WESTFORD, MA, January 6, 2016As colleges and universities are tasked with growing their enrollments in an increasingly competitive landscape, Carnegie Communications and Semcasting have solidified their partnership in offering high-quality, lower cost online marketing solutions that are both cutting edge and proprietary. Since the inception of their partnership in 2014, higher education marketers have benefitted from the unmatched knowledge and experience of these two companies, as well as services that provide unparalleled reach, relevance, and efficacy.

Carnegie has been the leader in offering higher education marketing and recruitment solutions for more than 30 years. Using Semcasting’s proprietary audience and data-matching technology, Carnegie matches their clients’ Student Search lists, inquiry pools, or alumni lists to deliver display advertising to prospective students through highly focused IP Targeting campaigns. Audiences from any list can be reached virtually anywhere they are spending their time online, across all devices, on multiple digital platforms, and throughout the entire household. The technology also goes beyond student or alumni lists, with the ability to match buildings via “rooftop and cross-device targeting,” which provides an invaluable opportunity for schools to access the businesses and feeder colleges that hold their adult and graduate program populations. In an age where relevant and customized ad messaging is more critical than ever, IP Targeting brings what used to only be available through traditional enrollment marketing strategies to the online landscape.

“Online technology keeps getting smarter, but Semcasting is continually ahead of the curve,” said Joe Moore, CEO of Carnegie Communications. “Working with a thought leader like Semcasting allows us to offer new solutions to our clients, using the latest technologies available. We were the first higher education agency to offer digital marketing to colleges and universities, and we are pleased to be working with a company like Semcasting that is, like Carnegie, committed to being on the forefront of the evolution of digital marketing.”

The Semcasting and Carnegie partnership also allows colleges and universities to build profiles and modeling to reach new “right fit” audiences. Enrolled student lists, applicant lists, Student Search lists, and even website visitor data can all be used to construct lookalike models for additional reach. This is changing how colleges and universities approach their enrollment marketing planning and enabling them to develop and reach audiences online like never before.

“Efficiently reaching students, parents, and influencers demands both advanced technology and a partner who has the unique insight and domain expertise that Carnegie has developed in higher education,” said Ray Kingman, CEO of Semcasting. “As a highly valued primary partner, Carnegie works with us daily to develop custom audiences for digital outreach programs to desktops, mobile devices, social platforms, and specified locations and events. Carnegie’s digital expertise and our patented IP Targeting are a powerful solution for an educational market that has moved online.”

About Carnegie

A leader in integrated marketing and enrollment solutions for education since the launch of its flagship publication Private Colleges & Universities in 1985, Carnegie Communications has been at the forefront in developing response-driven communication, recruitment solutions, and marketing services. With access to more college-bound students than any other company, Carnegie connects higher education institutions with the audiences they seek. Their top-performing recruitment and lead generation services and cutting-edge digital marketing capabilities combine to deliver customized solutions for clients.

About Semcasting

Semcasting is the next generation in Data Management Platforms providing actionable intelligence for marketing services, CRM enhancement, and manufacturing logistics on any Internet-enabled device. Our Semcasting Smart Zones™ platform maps the demographic attributes of real consumers and businesses to their online Internet delivery points in order to automate the creation of highly qualified and verified audiences. We match customers, prospects and Internet traffic to the locations and devices they prefer, enabling analytics and advertising to be targeted with nearly 100 percent reach and unrivaled accuracy. Semcasting is headquartered in North Andover, MA.


Mark Cunningham
SVP, Business Development and Strategy, Carnegie

Alexis Roberts
Blast PR on behalf of Semcasting

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