PRESS RELEASE: Carnegie Announces Partnership with Unibuddy

Christine Kramer Jun 18, 2024 Christine Kramer SVP, Marketing Persona The Analytical and Discerning Detective

Carnegie and Unibuddy Partner to Create Meaningful Relationships in the Recruitment Process by Leveraging the Power of AI and Peer-to-Peer Engagement

Carnegie and Unibuddy partner to activate human connection in student recruitment, using the power of AI and peer-to-peer engagement to personalize the college search process and change how higher ed recruits students.

Carnegie, a leader in higher education marketing and enrollment strategy who champions human connection in recruitment, is partnering with Unibuddy, a leading international peer-to-peer marketing platform. The two companies are committed to evolving the way colleges and universities recruit by focusing on human connection and combining AI with peer-to-peer engagement to provide students with more personalized experiences to aid their college selection process.


"I'm excited to partner with Unibuddy because they share our belief in the power of human connection and personalization. Leveraging AI with human connection will create an even more engaging and meaningful recruitment journey for students." Gary Colen, CEO of Carnegie


Carnegie’s mission is to connect students and colleges; they deliver on this promise by generating real human connections through innovative marketing and enrollment solutions. Carnegie supports higher ed clients by building custom strategies that increase engagement and conversions, and boost yield, using data-rich practices to aid strategic decision-making. The Unibuddy platform aligns with this approach, offering ample opportunity to use student-generated insights and data to better personalize the recruitment experience and build affinity through peer-to-peer and community connections.

Unibuddy is a student engagement platform that provides higher education institutions with the tools and insights to boost prospective student conversion at every stage of the enrollment funnel. By facilitating connections between prospective students, current students, and alumni, Unibuddy offers students the opportunity for community building before they even enroll. Meeting students where they are, with individuals they want to connect with, Unibuddy empowers students to make more confident decisions about their future, helping institutions attract better-qualified applicants and convert more invested enrollees.

Carnegie is excited to explore the bounds of what human connection, AI application, and peer-to-peer engagement have to offer the higher education industry. The first application is working with clients on anti-melt and yield efforts this summer, followed by a full cycle approach starting with top-of-funnel strategies in the fall.

Both Carnegie and Unibuddy are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with another innovative and connection-driven team, aiming to assist students in finding their post-secondary home and to offer an innovative connection tool to enrollment managers recruiting Gen Z and Gen Alpha.

About Unibuddy
Unibuddy is a student engagement platform that provides enrollment leaders with a suite of products to boost student conversion at every stage of the enrollment funnel by facilitating peer-to-peer connections, community-building, and AI-driven automation. Prospective students can virtually connect with current student ambassadors, staff, and other incoming students along their admission and enrollment journey to make more confident decisions. Partnering with universities around the world since 2017, Unibuddy has helped more than two million students at over 600 institutions feel supported in making crucial decisions about their higher education experience. For more information, visit

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