Press Release: CollegeXpress Unveils New Logo and Further Brand Evolution

Carnegie Higher Ed Jul 22, 2019 Carnegie Higher Ed Persona The Visionary Frontrunner

For Immediate Release—Westford, MA, July 22, 2019—CollegeXpress, the nation’s leading college and scholarship search resource for students and lead generation portal for colleges and universities, unveiled its new logo today as part of an exciting evolution of the brand that will even better serve clients and college-bound students and their families.

The redesigned logo is a more modern and simplified design with a change in the brand’s font and color palette that also provides a more evolved brand story. Developed on the foundation of Carnegie Dartlet’s proprietary archetype solutions, the new visual identity leverages the true personality of CollegeXpress, representing the brand’s leadership, innovation, and relatable nature to its audience.

“Our personality solution was the driving force in making sure we were being true to our authentic self,” said Tyler Glaude, Lead Web Designer for Carnegie Dartlet. “This fresh look hits on everything that’s important to CollegeXpress and ties the user to the brand on an emotional level.”

The update removes the swooping “X” in “Xpress” that has long been a staple of the brand and introduces “CX” as a shorthand for CollegeXpress. Two key elements are placed in each respective letter to build the story: a silhouette inside the “C” represents the student at the core of the college search, while motion is emphasized on the “X” with a dark blue arrow to represent “express” and the fast and simple way CollegeXpress connects its users to schools.

The color palette has also changed from the original striking blue and orange to black and more calming shades of blue. The blues represent trustworthiness and reliability, while the black provides stability and authority of the brand, as noted by over 30 years of experience in the higher education industry through CollegeXpress’s parent company, Carnegie Dartlet.

“Since its launch in 1995, CollegeXpress has grown with its audience through a variation of brand identities,” said Joe Moore, Chairman and CEO of Carnegie Dartlet. “This new logo is the most significant update to our brand since 2010, and it truly reflects the next phase of CollegeXpress that makes our mission clearer than ever: that the student and their future are our focus.”

This update goes hand-in-hand with an exciting evolution that CollegeXpress is seeing as it goes green and builds its digital presence in 2020.

About Carnegie Dartlet and CollegeXpress: Carnegie Dartlet is a leader and innovator in higher education marketing, offering groundbreaking services in the areas of research, strategy, creative, digital, lead generation, and team building to create clarity and connection inside and outside of institutions. Since 1985, Carnegie Dartlet has helped students find the right colleges—and colleges find the right students—through their leading college search engine, CollegeXpress, a free college and scholarship resource for students, their families, and guidance counselors. With college and scholarship search tools, 800 unique college-related lists, and a summer program search, CollegeXpress has all the resources students and families need to find a college, help pay for it, and much more.

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