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2012 represented another record year for PC&U in terms of students reached and pre-qualified leads delivered to our clients. In fact, PC&U delivered over 4.1 million leads in 2012, all representing engaged students who specifically requested information and expressed interest in a particular school.

And the feedback we receive from schools on the quality of these leads continues to be incredible . . .

For more than a decade at two different universities, I have annually partnered with Private Colleges & Universities with outstanding results. We closely track the source of our admitted and enrolled students, and the number of students matriculating each year vastly exceeds our investment in this marketing publication; I am referring to every year that I have partnered with PC&U, not just some years. I strongly recommend this great resource for private universities, students, and parents.”

– Brent Benner, Director of Enrollment Management, The University of Tampa

Millikin University has been a long-time participant in Private Colleges & Universities publications for one reason: it works. PC&U provides strong, qualified leads for our institution, and we continue to see an increased return on our investment year after year.”

– Sarah Shupenus, Marketing Director, Millikin University

Audience Reach Options:

PC&U’s reach and targeting ability comes from our access to four data lists: College Board, NRCCUA, ACT, and Carnegie’s proprietary database. It represents a true multi-channel resource involving direct-to-home delivery, e-communication, and online reach.

Choose the audiences that are most relevant for your recruiting needs . . .

Academic Profile and Geography:

  • Gold Edition: Reaches 295,000 students nationwide—PSAT 160 to 127, ACT 32 to 27, GPA of A+
  • Red Edition: Reaches 824,000 students regionally or nationally—PSAT 126 to 110, ACT 26 to 22, GPA of A to A-
  • White Edition: Reaches 1,654,000 students locally, regionally, or nationally—PSAT 109-89, GPA of B+ to B

Program Specific Reach:

  • Science & Engineering: Reaches 200,000 students interested in careers in the sciences, engineering, and technology—PSAT Math 80 to 60, PSAT Verbal 80 to 58, ACT 32 to 27, GPA A+ to B+
  • Health & Medicine: Reaches 335,000 students seeing futures in medicine and the allied health professions—PSAT 160 to 100 who preferenced Pre-med/Nursing/Allied Health, ACT 32 to 22, GPA A+ to B-
  • Visual and Performing Arts: Reaches 590,000 students planning to major in visual or performing arts
  • Business: Reaches 400,000 students planning to major in business

Specialty Areas:

  • Transfer: Reaches over 700,000 current college students and is delivered to over 1,600 community colleges
  • Catholic: Reaches 400,000 students considering a Catholic education
  • Multicultural: Reaches 350,000 diverse students—PSAT 160 to 100, ACT 32 to 22, GPA A+ to B
  • Christian: Reaches 345,000 students looking to integrate faith and learning in a Christian environment
  • International: Over 200,000 readers with distribution to over 2,300 locations in more than 175 countries

For more information on any of these options, including pricing or performance numbers, please contact your Regional Director or Mark Cunningham at and 978-842-2813.

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