Reaching Students and Parents Online—The Magic Formula

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Last month at PACAC, I gave a presentation on “Reaching Students and Parents Online—The Magic Formula.” So many schools are trying to figure this out, and it was great to share how this can be done. Also, what seemed to get the most interested response during and after the presentation was how our PC&U data, history, and knowledge plays a role in accomplishing such efficient online reach. After all, that’s what so much of marketing is about—applying data from certain channels and models to effectively accomplish results across other channels.

Here is a brief description of the presentation itself:

Reaching Students and Parents Online—The Magic Formula

The ever-evolving world of reaching and engaging students and parents, particularly online, is a constant challenge. It is way too easy to spend a ton of money, and worse yet waste a ton of money, trying to figure it all out. What sites, who to target, brand safety, geotargeting, audience segmentation, and many other question marks are all things you need to answer. And just as importantly, how to measure, track, and optimize any sort of online activity you’re doing is a key factor.

Specifically for higher education, we’ve figured out the magic formula to accomplish all of this. And it’s based off of over 25 years’ worth of data. Reaching the right student, based on factors such as academic achievement, geography, demographics, affordability, and more, are all possible online.

If you’d like to see a full copy of the presentation, or would like us to present it to you and your staff, please contact me directly anytime.

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