Spotify’s Fastest-Growing Advertising Channel Taps Carnegie Dartlet for Industry Insight

Carnegie Higher Ed Jan 30, 2019 Carnegie Higher Ed Persona The Visionary Frontrunner

As platforms evolve and grow, Carnegie Dartlet continues to be at the forefront of leveraging and testing the marketing services that most effectively impact our clients’ audiences. Our partnership with Spotify is no different. While the Spotify Ad Studio isn’t brand new—it launched in September 2017—we’ve been engaged and testing the channel all along. So much so that Spotify asked our Social Media Manager, Erika Fields, for input on Ad Studio performance and outcomes in a recent blog post.

“Ad Studio has been a game changer for our clients in higher education,” Erika said. And it’s true. And if it’s a game changer for our clients, it’s what matters to us.

As Spotify grows in its impact on marketing mix success, we continue to be thorough in our assessment. We’re continuously invited to participate in alpha and beta tests with our agency partners, and we offer those opportunities to our clients. (We’re testing look-alike audiences with LinkedIn right now!) As with all campaigns, success and confidence are critical, so we’re pleased to be a part of this evolution of services.

Keep following the ever-changing digital marketing landscape with us. It’s one exciting ride that we’re thrilled to be part of.

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