The Wearable Web: Offering Unique Ways to Connect With Future Prospects.

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the wearable web

Apple Watch, HoloLens, and Cicret are all wearable devices emerging on today’s market. They are constantly connected to the Internet, allowing for notifications, promotions, and e-mails to be displayed in new and more immersive ways. My friends, we are in the future.

Keeping up with current trends and technologies is key to keeping your prospects interested and engaged. By putting these three new tech pieces on your radar, you’re one step ahead of the game.

Apple Watch

apple watch

The Apple Watch launched on April 24. Users are now able to read and write e-mails, texts, and calendar events right from their wrist.  Imagine your wrist vibrates alarming you of a notification. You raise your wrist and an invitation to attend an open house pops up with the options to accept, maybe, or decline. Simply tap “accept” and you’ve created an event and set up an event reminder all with a flick of the wrist and a tap of the finger. Now imagine the same scenario, minus the Apple Watch: take out your cpu, laptop, tablet, or phone; read through an e-mail; RSVP; and then manually create an event and a reminder for yourself. Which one sounds more convenient to you?


Microsoft announced another space-age tool, HoloLens, back in January, and I was skeptical. For those of you that don’t know, HoloLens produces an augmented reality. In other words, you can put on the headgear and it projects 3D models right into the real world. Build 2015 (a developer conference for Microsoft) crushed my skepticism with all the first-hand accounts from people who interacted directly with the HoloLens.  

Sounds pretty impressive, right?
Microsoft_zeigt_Hololens_Simulation_auf_der_Build_2015.gif Now think of using this for interactive campus tours. Instead of sitting in front of a computer clicking left or right to navigate, you’re able to have a 3D model tour guide right in front of you!  A blank room becomes a dorm room, a wall becomes a gallery of campus photos, a window displays what the weather is currently like on campus, a trophy case appears with all your school’s commendations.  The potential for this technology is limitless and very, very exciting!



The Cicret is currently in an early development stage, but the idea is genius.  It’s a bracelet that links to your phone and projects an interactive screen onto your forearm. This doesn’t do anything that your phone can’t do, but it does make it more convenient. As long as your phone is close by, all you have to do is wiggle your wrist and automatically the screen projects onto your arm and you’re ready to roll. If you’re in another room but hear your phone ring, just wiggle your wrist and—bam!—there it is. All your important notifications, promotions, and e-mails are one less step away from taking your phone out of your pocket.

Have you found any new tech that has you excited? Let me know in the comments below so we can nerd out together.

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