Time for a Change: The New CollegeXpress Logo

Carnegie Higher Ed Jul 22, 2019 Carnegie Higher Ed Persona The Visionary Frontrunner

Who are you? What’s your personality? What’s your story? We ask our clients these questions daily, and it was time for us to ask ourselves. For over three decades, the CollegeXpress Platform has helped over 500 colleges and universities successfully generate brand affinity, interest, and student leads. In 1995, we created the website CollegeXpress.com, and it has been a valued resource for college-bound students ever since. Connecting students with colleges and vice versa has always been and always will be our main mission and focus. However, since CollegeXpress originally launched, we’ve grown. A lot.

As we’ve evolved and innovated our service to include email, videos, podcasts, and more, our old logo from 2010 no longer represented who CollegeXpress is. Leveraging our mission and Carnegie Dartlet’s archetype-based personality solutions, we created a new visual identity that expresses the true personality of CollegeXpress, representing the brand’s leadership, innovation, and relatable nature to its audience.

The New CollegeXpress Logo

It’s all about the story—the “who” of CollegeXpress. The CX Team, led by Senior Front End Web Developer Tyler Glaude, pored over hundreds of concepts and elements before they took a step back and let our story build the mark.

One change will be the focus on the abbreviation “CX” to represent CollegeXpress. Internally, the team has always referred to itself as the CX Team, and it became apparent that we needed to consider this in our logo development. Focusing on the “C” and “X,” the following concept manifested:

The letter C stands for the word “college,” and a person is placed inside the letter to show us connecting students with colleges directly.

For the “X,” the goal was to exemplify “express.” The forward-facing arrow inside the “X” is used to show the student journey moving forward and CollegeXpress simplifying the process.

With the letters combined, our primary mission statement is clearly visible: CollegeXpress wants to connect students to their best-fit schools as quickly and easily as possible.

Check out the video reveal here that we’re proudly sharing with our audience. More details about this update are also available in the press release here.

As with everything we do, our personality and our story led to the solution. It’s not about like or dislike—it’s about what’s right for the CollegeXpress personality. And this new logo is bound to lead us into the next decade to continue to do what we do best: helping students connect with the right colleges and colleges connect to the right students.

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