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2014 was a year filled with innovation and changes for how digital strategies can be applied to enrollment marketing. Strategies and opportunities with IP Targeting, social media, video, analytics, and data-driven targeting took center stage throughout the year. And every month, Carnegie hosted webinars on a variety of topics surrounding all of these—enabling higher education marketers to learn more and stay ahead of the curve. These are free to attend, and we often record and post them on our site so people can access anytime they like.

In no particular order, here are our top eight digital webinars from 2014—all of which are still available to watch today on

Video Strategies for Enrollment Marketing

Sight, sound, and motion! Bring an immersive element to your recruitment marketing with video. It relays emotion better than any other medium and conveys a wealth of information in a more digestible form than words or images alone—especially on a mobile device. Join us for this 30-minute webinar to discuss ideas on leveraging the assets you may already have as well as getting the greatest value out of new videos you would like to produce. But where do I start and what can I do with it? Join us for the answers, ideas, and steps you can take now.

The New Way to Reach Prospective Students with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Advertising

During this 30-minute webinar, we will discuss the significant advancements that have been happening for engaging prospective students through social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Now, schools have the ability to leverage their own lists and CRM data to reach students in ways and through channels that have not been available before. You will walk away with a great sense of the opportunities available with marrying your data with social strategies to make a difference with your enrollment strategies this year.

How to Digitally Build Your Enrollment Brand Overseas

Whether you’re a small school nowhere near a major city, or a large institution well known throughout the United States, building your brand to international audiences can be challenging, and if not done right, costly. Your ability to reach and engage the right audiences in the right areas is key to your success. And accomplishing that through digital channels like online, video, mobile, search, and social is critical to the equation. Join us as we walk through some of today’s most effective strategies for building your enrollment brand in the international markets you need. We’ll provide some recent examples of what other schools have done and the impact it’s had on their international recruitment and enrollment efforts. Plus, we’ll offer some specific action items and takeaways that you can bring back to your campus and start implementing right away.

Open House Marketing: Tips and tools to increase attendance to your fall recruitment events

Are you looking to boost attendance for your admission events this fall? Whether you are looking to bring prospects onto campus or get them to various information sessions in specific markets, there are innovative and cost-effective marketing strategies you can implement. Check out this 30-minute webinar where we provide tips and concrete take-aways you can implement to help you increase attendance for your recruitment events this year.

Analytics for Recruitment Marketing

Have you set a goal to start using Google Analytics at some point recently? This 45-minute webinar will focus on a few high-level and key “must have” reports and tools to successfully gauge your efforts with enrollment management. Who should attend? Beginner Google Analytics users interested in gaining specific insights to understand the traffic patterns of your prospective student audience.

The Enrollment Year Ahead: Building Your 2015 Campaign for Seniors With Student Search and Digital

It’s that time of year again: the 2014 classes have made their commitments, commencements are in full swing, and admission personnel must now shift gears to 2015! Check out this session for an overview of strategies to consider as you plan your 2015 enrollment campaign. We discuss best practices in creating a campaign targeted toward high school seniors that combines traditional Student Search methods with digital marketing to ensure results.

Setting the Scene with YouTube Video Advertising

You might have heard that YouTube is the second-largest search engine, but have you used it to promote your institution through targeted video advertising? In researching current digital marketing trends, video is often regarded as one of the best vehicles to engage with any organization’s desired audiences. To place the importance of video in one statistic, YouTube reached more U.S. adults ages 18-34 than any cable network alone in 2013. During this webinar, we discuss how you can use video advertising to connect meaningfully to the future students of your institution.

Using Online Strategies to Market a Specific Program

Whether it’s a new program or one that has become a priority, we’ll explore several digital marketing strategies to help you promote a graduate, undergraduate, summer program, private school, alumni campaign, or online program that will yield results. From initial branding and awareness to conversion, creating a surround digital strategy is critical for reaching your enrollment goals.

Stay tuned in 2015 for more of our monthly webinar series, and check out often to see new blogs, videos, and recordings that are posted all the time.

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