What do college students really think of college?

Carnegie Higher Ed Jan 09, 2014 Carnegie Higher Ed Persona The Visionary Frontrunner

College is just an ineffective and expensive commodity, and the college search process is terrible—at least that’s what we’re often led to believe. But is this what college students really think?

Carnegie recently teamed with GDA Integrated Services to find out more about perceptions regarding college, costs, and the college search process directly from the ones that matter most: students.

We surveyed current college freshmen with quite unexpected results. Tuition cost, for example, doesn’t rank as a top college decision factor, and over 80% of students are happy with their college experience. Further, with all the memes and Web comics out there about an overwhelming college search and stacks of unwanted school brochures, we assume the process is intolerable, but over 60% of students said were comfortable with their search process!

And that’s just the beginning. Read the full study to learn more about what students really think about college.

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