University of LaVerne College of Law Case Study

Optimized Content Increases Search Engine Visibility

University of LaVerne College of Law Case Study

The Challenge.

The University of LaVerne College of Law needed to increase its search engine visibility. The College was not showing up in Google or other search engines for various keywords relating to its programs, meaning it was losing out on prospects to competitors.

University of LaVerne College of Law Case Study

The Strategy.

Carnegie engaged with La Verne on an SEO project that included a technical site audit, content optimization, metadata optimization, and Google Business Profile optimization. During the technical audit phase, we consulted with La Verne on various backend website issues that were inhibiting its ability to show up in search engines. This included consulting on metadata issues, duplicate content errors, page errors, broken links, and more.

We developed a content optimization strategy to ensure La Verne was appearing in prospective students’ searches. In addition to optimizing existing pages, including Juris Doctor and Dual Degree, we created new pages for specific types of dual degrees such as JD/MBA and JD/MPA. To increase visibility for “law schools in Southern California,” we built a new page devoted to the region as well as an additional page devoted to the law campus. In total, we fully optimized the content on 12 pages.

Beyond the 12 priority pages for which we optimized content in full, we also optimized metadata on an additional 25 pages of the site to deliver an initial SEO boost while staying within La Verne’s budget.

Finally, we optimized the University of La Verne College of Law’s Google Business Profile property to increase local search visibility. We added keywords on the back end, updated photos, set the location’s service area, and set up UTM tracking. We also utilized Google posts within the property to advertise information sessions.

Google Business Profile Optimization
Metadata Optimization
Technical Site Audit
Web Copywriting + Optimization
University of LaVerne College of Law Case Study

The Results.

Site Links + Rich Snippets:
After performing a full technical audit, we were able to help La Verne identify and fix over 25,000 technical issues that were inhibiting search rankings. Following content optimization, the College of Law’s visibility increased drastically, both locally and nationally, for dozens of keywords. We also secured several special SERP features, including site links, rich snippets, and local pack inclusion.

Local Pack:
Through advanced tracking via Carnegie ClarityTM, we identified that 44 users who went on to fill out an application interacted with La Verne’s Google Business Profile property and two of them interacted directly with a post. Furthermore, 49 users who went on to fill out a request for information form interacted with the GBP property. Overall, 1,600 users who interacted with the property went on to visit the College of Law website.

Organic Rankings:
After optimizing existing content on La Verne’s site, in addition to creating entirely new content based on the most searched-for keywords and phrases, the College of Law saw a massive increase in organic search rankings at both local and national levels. La Verne did not appear for many of these keywords at all prior to optimization. This increased visibility allows the College of Law to drive more qualified traffic from prospective students to the website and provide a better user experience for them when they get there through more robust content.


Technical issues resolved


Increase in search views for Google Business Profile in 28 days


Keywords ranking #1

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