CollegeXpress Connect

A Direct Line to Rising Seniors

And juniors and sophomores too. But now is the time to implement your rising senior strategy.

As an admissions and enrollment professional, you've probably run into some of the following issues: a lack of budget to diversify lead strategy, access to fewer student names, and lack of flexibility in lead gen solutions.

Carnegie is here to help. Our student lead generation platform, CollegeXpress, offers you access to the entire CollegeXpress database of 5.7 million students and parents, allowing you to pinpoint prospects using a variety of different targeting filters and get in front of them through direct email outreach. There are already rising seniors who have inquired about your institution—connect with them today!

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What is CollegeXpress (CX)?

CollegeXpress is Carnegie’s proprietary lead generation platform that reaches millions of prospective students and parents with the sole purpose of connecting them to institutions that fit them so well that submitting their inquiry is inevitable and enrolling is very likely.

What is CX Connect and How Can it Help Your Institution Find Rising Seniors?

With over 450,000 rising senior students and 38,000 parents from the class of 2024, CX Connect puts the CollegeXpress database right at your institution’s fingertips to home in on your desired audiences and send pertinent information directly into the inboxes of prospective students and their parents. Utilizing CX Connect is a proactive strategy for your institution to use its own communications to reach students that aren’t currently in your system, enter into new markets seamlessly to build brand awareness, and generate high-quality inquiries.

How Does CX Connect Work?

CX Connect is an email outreach tool and search database all in one — a one-stop shop for your institution to gain access to millions of prospects. With over 10 different ways to target prospective students (religion, sports interests, ZIP code/state, majors of interest, etc.), you build your target audience populations and then populate the email (no coding necessary!) that will be sent to that group of students or parents. Students and parents who engage with the email by clicking on the CTA button become a qualified lead for your institution that gets sent directly to your CRM to nurture through your enrollment pipeline. From there, you’ll be able to watch in real-time your email send, the number of opens, and number of inquiries created from your outreaches.

Some of the features of CX Connect include:

  • Targeted outreach to students and parents with various filtering options
  • Ability to send your own messaging straight to prospect inboxes (i.e. pushing seniors to apply; nurturing students interested in business to inquire about a business school; putting institutional brand in front of new markets; etc.)
  • Competitor targeting
  • Suppression lists (won’t target student names you’ve already purchased)

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