CollegeXpress Terms and Conditions

Carnegie Dartlet LLC (“Carnegie”) reserves the right to edit, revise, or reject any participation. Carnegie expressly retains the rights to and ownership interest in any and all final graphic design, electronic files, typesetting, and proofs. All participation is subject to the terms and specifications set forth here:

*Catholic and Transfer platform materials and order forms due July 24, 2020. Payment due October 2, 2020.

Carnegie shall be under no liability whatsoever by reason of error, including any translation error, for which it may be responsible in any participation beyond liability to give the institution credit for as much of the space occupied by the participation as is materially affected by the error; further, Carnegie obligation to give such credit shall not apply to more than one incorrect participation under any contract or order unless it is notified of the inaccuracy prior to the deadline for repetition of the participation.

Carnegie does not guarantee any given level of circulation or readership for a participation.

The institution assumes liability for all content [including, but not limited to, text representations and illustrations] of participation published in print and online and also assumes responsibility for any claims arising therefrom made against Carnegie, including costs associated with defending against such a claim.

All positions are at the option of Carnegie. In no event will adjustments, reinstatements, or refunds be made because of the position and/or section of a publication or website in which a placement has been published.

Any cancellations of participation must be communicated to Carnegie in writing not less than thirty (30) days prior the cancellation date set forth in the terms sheet. Institutions will be charged a cancellation fee of seventy-five percent (75%) of the total order cost for any cancellations communicated following such date.

Institutions will be charged a late fee of twenty-five percent (25%) of the total order cost if copy, images, or changes are delivered to Carnegie after the final change date set forth in the terms sheet.

Carnegie will not be responsible for errors appearing in participation that are placed too late for proofs to be submitted or for errors due to delivery of printing materials past published deadlines from the institution or from a third party designated by the institution as a source for printing material.

Institutions are responsible for checking the accuracy of the proofs they request. The institution should carefully check the entire participation proof, including areas in which changes or corrections were not requested. Prompt approval or amendment to all proofs is required. Any changes after final approval are subject to additional charges.

Carnegie does not assume any liability for the return of material in connection with participation.

Payment of all undisputed invoices must be made as according to the dates set forth Carnegie terms sheet.

There will be a $25.00 charge for any check not honored by the bank. Returned checks must be replaced with certified/cashier/wire transfer funds within 48 hours of notification. Carnegie Dartlet reserves the right to withhold further participation pending receipt of replacement funds.

In the event an account is referred to a third party for collection, institution agrees to pay collection and/or attorney fees, as well as court costs incurred to effect collection.

Provision of tear sheets, if requested by an institution, shall be subject to Carnegie’s good-faith discretion; notwithstanding the foregoing, payment of an account shall in no way be dependent upon receipt of tear sheets, either physical or electronic.

Participation is accepted by Carnegie subject to the foregoing terms and conditions. Terms, conditions, rates, or agreements not set forth herein or in then-current rate schedules are not binding on Carnegie Dartlet.