Message Assessment

Enhance, Revise, and Redirect Messaging to Improve Its Performance

Is your institution's messaging firing on all cylinders? Carnegie’s Message Assessment service is a quick and comprehensive testing innovation that outpaces the focus groups you may have used in the past.

Our Message Assessment service is delivered through dynamic audience-specific workshops that evaluates brand collateral to provide clear insights about the appeal, clarity, differentiation, and authenticity of your institution’s messaging. Make every interaction matter with messaging that resonates.

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Why Message Assessment is Crucial

In the competitive landscape of higher ed, it’s essential to ensure your institution’s brand messaging is truly resonating. Are you effectively captivating your audience’s attention and influencing their decision-making process? This is where Message Assessment comes in. You need empirical data and comprehensive insights into how your messaging is perceived  by your target audience.

How Message Assessment Works 

Our Message Assessment service is meant to be a quick and effective way to turn around underperforming messages and collateral. That’s why we utilize a series of engagement workshops as opposed to a traditional focus group. This information-gathering format is dynamic and allows for hundreds of data points to be quickly collected because subjects are responding simultaneously through instrumentation. The benefit is richer, more comprehensive data.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Your institution chooses messaging and collateral materials to be reviewed.
  2. A series of innovative and engaging exercises are conducted through audience-specific workshops to drive insights and actionable feedback. The workshops will revolve around the following  strategic themes: 
    • Differentiation: is your messaging distinctive and unique to your institution?
    • Clarity: is the messaging  purpose and call-to-action clear? 
    • Attractiveness: is the messaging alluring and engaging to its desired audience? 
    • Authenticity: is the messaging genuine and true to the institution and its values?  
  3. Carnegie provides specific recommendations to enhance, revise, and redirect the messaging and collateral to help improve its performance.

The overall goal of Carnegie’s Message Assessment service is to provide quantitative and qualitative data in a quick timeframe to improve your institution’s messaging on the fly. Refined messaging can reinvigorate the projects that you and your team worked so hard to bring to life. Sometimes all it needs is a breath of fresh air.

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