Prospective Student Starter Experience Map

Once you empathize with their experiences, you can create and deploy content to enrich their user journey.

Experience Maps and the Mapping Process

Experience maps are graphical representations of the interactions individuals have with a product or service. They’re an effective tool for developing empathy and understanding for your target audience by highlighting their thoughts, feelings, and actions as they seek to accomplish a task, like applying to your institution or donating to the annual fund.

Applications in Education

An experience map can be a powerful tool for:
  • Relating web content to different parts of the prospective undergraduate student journey.
  • Uncovering gaps in communications with admitted graduate students.
  • Finding opportunities to provide helpful guides to prospective international students.
  • Discovering storytelling opportunities to potential annual fund donors.

Build Empathy Through Experience Maps

Download Carnegie’s Prospective Student Starter Experience Map to begin understanding the factors that drive decisions, as well as the thoughts and emotions that your target audiences experience. This starter map is based on more than 350 Carnegie client engagements, a decade of audience research, and journey mapping principles.

Download Carnegie's Starter Experience Map.