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Carnegie’s Slate Optimization services are powered by Underscore, the largest dedicated Slate team in the country and Technolutions’ first Platinum Preferred Partner. We’re transforming the higher education landscape by leveraging the power of Slate—one project at a time. From application status portals to custom implementations, we’ll ensure your technology fulfills its potential.

Read more to discover how Carnegie and Underscore came together to transform the future of higher education through innovative marketing and enrollment solutions.


Our services are offered by the largest dedicated Slate team in the country and Technolutions’ very first Platinum Preferred Partner. Carnegie’s Slate Optimization team is a best-in-class development and implementation partner for Slate, the dominating technology platform in higher education. We’re here to maximize your college or university’s customer relationship management (CRM) investment and personalize your audience’s experience.


  • Slate is a powerful enrollment tool for higher education. With proper setup, it can become a lasting part of your enrollment operations infrastructure that supports your goals for years to come. From first-time implementations to reimplementations and systems integrations, we build and consult on any Admissions, Student Success, or Advancement Slate project.

  • Carnegie's CRM of choice for Student Search is Slate. Whether it's built in your instance or a Carnegie hosted Slate instance, its fully supported by our Slate experts, creatives, and enrollment strategists.

  • Your custom prospective student, current student, donor, staff member—any audience—portal will meet your exact needs and specifications. We build your portal from scratch, using web best practices like dynamic content and on-brand design. Our reporting, often delivered via a portal, is digestible and visually appealing to ensure the very best experience for every audience. We’re setting the industry standard—bring us any portal or reporting project, and we’ll exceed your audience’s expectations.

  • Our team can make any topic accessible and every training highly productive. We run customized, interactive workshops for all skill levels to advance the knowledge, skill set, and proficiency of your Slate users. Our training topics range from Deliver to Configurable Joins and can be held in person or designed for a virtual audience. Your needs and our recommendations are the foundation of all trainings.

Technolutions’ first Slate Platinum Preferred Partner

“The Slate Preferred Partner Program recognizes organizations that integrate with Slate and offer implementation support, while providing meaningful contributions to the higher education community. Slate Preferred Partners gain exclusive access to resources that provide a deeper understanding of product functionality, processes, and best practices.

Slate Preferred Partners are selected by a comprehensive application process for their commitment to providing Slate users with only the most exceptional service. Institutions looking for supplemental Slate support and integration services can take confidence in knowing that each Preferred Partner has been vetted by Technolutions and approved for participation.”


Technolutions’ first Slate Platinum Preferred Partner

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