The Quad Higher Ed Podcast S3E3: Adam Castro, Mercy College

Travis Koury Mar 04, 2022 Travis Koury Marketing Manager Persona The Innovative and Curious Globetrotter

Hunger Makes a Modern Admissions Expert: Adam Castro, Vice President of Admissions, Mercy College

What’s Adam Castro’s wish? He’d like higher ed institutions to take chances on ambitious enrollment and admissions strategists. Giving more responsibility to a determined individual before they feel ready may allow them to rise to the challenge. This was the case for Adam when he pivoted from Wall Street and the non-profit sector to work in higher ed. In the third episode of season three of The Quad, the Mercy College Vice President of Admissions, Adam Castro discusses how Mercy invested heavily in their technology at the time of the pandemic and pushed their institution into a  new digital era. He also looks back on the difference in responsibilities from moving to from a director role to VP role  and how essential  it is to delegate and  lean on experts.

Adam’s TeamChem™ personality assessment recognized him as a “Confident and Competitive Pioneer”, which Adam remarked he was very proud of.  His personality assessment became more clear as he discussed how he helped Mercy College upgrade their virtual learning environment and how he took on a role that he may not have felt ready for at the time. Adam resonates with Mercy’s missions to educate those in its backyard and community. As one of the most diverse colleges in the nation, Mercy College serves a large Hispanic population in the New York metropolitan area. 

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