The Quad Higher Ed Podcast: S3E6: Ryan Bradley, University of Alabama

Travis Koury Apr 05, 2022 Travis Koury Marketing Manager Persona The Innovative and Curious Globetrotter

Even the Biggest Higher Ed Brands Must Evolve Their Strategic Communications: Ryan Bradley, Vice President for Strategic Communications, University of Alabama

Ryan Bradley, Vice President for Strategic Communications at the University of Alabama, knows why previous enrollment success could be the greatest threat to future success. Despite past and current enrollment and branding wins, even the University of Alabama can’t afford to get too comfortable. In episode six of season three of The Quad, Ryan and host Eric Page discuss how the athletic success of the University has affected its brand and enrollment strategies. Ryan reflects on his career path and how he ended up as a direct report to a university president at just 28 years old in a previous role. He also breaks down the makeup of the Strategic Communications team at Alabama and how they all work cohesively under the same umbrella.

Ryan’s TeamChem™ personality assessment classified him as the “Sophisticated and Supportive Guide.” This archetype rings true as he loves working with creative individuals and manages eight different departments under the Strategic Communications pillar. Working at the University of Alabama comes with its own unique set of challenges. Currently, Ryan’s team is trying to live up to past success in the areas of branding, enrollment, and advancement. At six years into their 10-year capital campaign, they’ve already hit $1 billion of their $1.5 billion goal.

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