As part of a series of webinars examining COVID-19’s impact on higher education, Carnegie invites you to join us on Thursday, April 23, as we review results and insights from our most recent survey of over 1,000 prospective graduate students and the impacts of COVID-19 on their graduate school research and selection process.

In this 45-minute webinar, we’ll review a number of topics and themes from the survey, including:

  • Students’ overall mindsets surrounding COVID-19 and their graduate education, including delays in their plans and confidence in being able to afford it
  • Reactions to and preferences for COVID-19-related communications from the schools they’re considering, including appropriateness, helpfulness, frequency, and channel
  • Potential impacts on their decisions to attend a school they haven’t visited, geographic factors for where they’re willing to go, and considerations to attend grad school on campus versus online
  • Unfiltered and qualitative responses to what they would describe is the most significant impact COVID-19 is having on their graduate school decision-making process, plus what they would like to see from schools.