Carnegie’s Slate Optimization team is heading to Chicago for Slate Summit 2024! Be sure to stop by Table 12 in the Lakeview Terrace at Navy Pier on July 20 + 21 to say hi to our team. Planning to be in Chicago before the 20th? Register for Carnegie Slate Camp to learn more about Slate Portals and Queries (registration required), and don’t forget to RSVP for our free event Wednesday evening.

Pre-Summit Events

Wednesday, June 19th at 5:00 – 10:00 PM

Registration for Carnegie’s free Pre-Summit events is now open. Reserve your spot today so we can save a seat for you at Pinstripes Chicago on Wednesday, June 19th from 5:00 – 10:00 PM.

Sip n’ Slate. This free, exclusive consulting event will get your problems solved and questions answered by our Slate Squad. These 30-minute consulting sessions are limited to one per institution.

Social. Join the Slate Squad for a fun (and free!) evening of good food and great company. Registrants can also bring guests!


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Carnegie Slate Camp

Tuesday, June 18 12:30 – 3:30 PM  – Day 1  |  Queries Session

Wednesday, June 19 from 8:30 AM- 12:30 PM – Day 2  |  Portals Session

Held prior to Technolutions’ Slate Summit 2024, this program will include half-day sessions on Tuesday, June 18, and Wednesday, June 19. On Tuesday, our team will cover queries, building from a strong foundation of best practices into more complex querying by utilizing subqueries. Wednesday’s session will focus on the Portals module. Whether you are new to Portals or a more veteran user, we will have an option for both as beginner and advanced sessions will run concurrently.

Participants can choose to attend one of the half days or the full program. Registration is $300 per individual for a half day session, or $500 for the full program. Registrations will be refundable until June 4, after which registration can be transferred to another institutional attendee.


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Slate Summit 2024

Our 2024 Sessions.

The Curb Cut Effect: Auditing and Optimizing Accessibility in Slate

Thursday, June 20 at 12:40 PM
Location: Festival Hall A2

In civil engineering, the curb cut effect is the positive impact created for everyone when disability-friendly features are enacted, such as adding a ramp to a sidewalk. Not only would a wheelchair user benefit, but so would a person pushing a stroller, delivering a package, or using crutches. In this session, Miami University will share their pioneering process for auditing and ensuring accessibility across Slate. They will share the rationale behind their efforts, and how they came to be a leader in higher ed on the topic. Then, the Carnegie team will unpack how to make several Slate features more accessible, including forms and mailings. Let your enthusiasm for accessibility shine!

Presented by: Nick Porcella + Hanna Kroskie, Carnegie | Amy Shaiman, Miami University

Are You Afraid of the Workflow? Shining a Light on Why They Aren’t That Scary

Thursday, June 20 at 4:00 PM
Location: Festival Hall B2

Transitioning from the legacy Reader got you spooked? Not to worry - we’re here to help. In this presentation, we'll walk you through changing over to Workflows, one step at a time. You’ll soon see the ease with which you can make the switch, as well as the potential opportunities that Workflows can bring. Whether you're fully revamping manual reading processes, imagining unique workflows beyond admissions, or just looking for the coolest new Workflow upgrades, we’ll shine a light on how fabulous Workflows can be, and how you can make the switch with no stress!

Presented by: Nina Takacs + Ryan Simpson, Carnegie | Maria Sepulveda + Kim Starken, University of Rochester School of Nursing

Revolutionizing Events: Unleashing the Potent Force of Independent Subqueries

Thursday, June 20 at 4:00 PM
Location: Festival Hall B1

Bringing student and event information into a seamless cohort can be daunting, without independent subqueries to connect unrelated query bases! This presentation will specifically showcase independent subquery use cases within an Event Welcome Portal, Event Invitation Newsletter, and an Upcoming Event Query. Be confident that students are receiving communications about campus events by utilizing a recurring event invitation newsletter. Come prepared to college fairs, high school visits, and college visits by employing an upcoming event query that pulls in students attending organizations that are scheduled for visits. Conquer campus visits by making every student feel welcome using a visit-of-the-day portal. Embrace your independence today.

Presented by: Brett Bieber, Carnegie | Clinton Midkiff, Cleveland State University

Slate Video: Your Ultimate Guide to Student Connection and Engagement

Friday, June 21 at 11:30 AM
Location: MR 201-203

Discover how Slate Video transcends mere one-off communications from a student's profile, revealing its effectiveness in Deliver drip campaigns and how you can construct segmented content personalized for each student. Join us to delve into the essentials of Slate Video, from leveraging video snippets in student profiles to mastering Deliver and content blocks. Explore its dynamic applications in portals and dive into crucial aspects like accessibility, best practices, reporting, and versatile use cases—extending its impact beyond admissions to Advancement and Student Success. Don't miss this comprehensive exploration and learn how to unlock the full potential of Slate Video for yourself!

Presented by: Sydney Nowak, Carnegie | Chris Cordodor, Washington State University

Sharing is Caring, Especially in Slate: Getting Started in a Shared Instance of Slate with Admissions and Student Success

Friday, June 21 at 11:30 AM
Location: Festival Hall B1

Do you have a shared instance of Slate? Is it shared between undergraduate and graduate admissions? What about sharing with Student Success - could your current students benefit from the tools in Slate? Come to this session to learn from two institutions with different approaches on how to get started in your journey. We’ll outline the different motivations for sharing a single instance of Slate for Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions, as well as Student Success. Hear about the conversations that are needed before even beginning the work in Slate, recommendations on who should be on the implementation team, and the lessons learned along the way. We’ll use a discussion of user access to help demonstrate how to approach decision making in a shared instance. Learn how populations, permissions, roles, and realms are used to customize display of data on dashboards, tabs, and workflows. These tools ensure that an admissions counselor doesn’t see a student's early alert system and an academic advisor doesn't see what was submitted on a final admissions review form. Whether you are eager to be rid of your spreadsheets for student processing purposes, you don’t have a CRM for Student Success, or you have an existing system that is sunsetting and you’re migrating process to Slate, we’ll discuss the two approaches and how they vary on initial considerations, when and how to make compromises, and how to ensure that everyone is playing nicely in the same system.

Presented by: Courtney Mumma + Justin Pierce, Carnegie | Shelly Blunt, University of Southern Indiana | Kim Ross, SUNY Brockport