Senior Fall Decision Report

Senior Fall Decision: The After-May 1 Deadline COVID Survey

As schools across the country face one of the most significant decisions in their history in the weeks and months ahead—if and how to re-open for the fall—Carnegie is pleased to share the latest and most definitive study on the current high school senior perspective.

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Senior Fall Decision Report
Senior Fall Decision Report

Data highlights.

In combination with our first senior study on March 19, we have just completed a rare post-May 1 deadline congruent study, and the results are clear and resounding. In total, we surveyed 4,800 college-bound high school seniors in March, and another 2,800 in May, to create a change-over-time analysis to aid in your decision-making.


of students may defer or cancel if classes go fully online


of students will maintain their commitment to their school of choice if the campus physically opens with simple social distancing


of students will not delay under any circumstance

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